Monday, 9 March 2015

Hot and Hard 100: 100 to 91

You've voted, I've counted.

Just over a year since we began our first ever Hot and Hard 100 Countdown and it's time to reveal who you the readers think were the one hundred hottest and hardest women in the world in this year. So, here we go again, in reverse order it's...


IFBB Pro Physique Competitor & Fitness Model

If this woman isn't the sexiest elementary school teacher in the world, then please do show me who is. My dream to become a professional competitor started at age 16, says 38-year-old Tish. I'm fascinated by the power to change myself from frog to flower. I love the changes I make. I like to look in the mirror and be happy with the way I look. I look better now than I did in my teens and 20s.

More Tish? I'm a total sucker for the Southern States accent y'all, so this six-minute interview comes highly recommended. You can also watch her muscles talking during her routine at this year's IFBB Europa Supershow here.


Still big all over and promoting her Fitness Inferno brand, Lindsay's popularity among readers may have waned a little since last year, but as she hasn't competed since 2007, I reckon making the list at all is an achievement. This pic of Lindsay in the Big Apple taken last month shows she's still very much got it where it counts.

Physique Competitor, Vocalist

Can't quite believe that the Rosie Rascal wasn't on last year's list, but apparently, it's true. Featured on FMS in 2014 for her vocal talents, and runner-up in her class at the Arnold Amateur, we're massively hoping to see Leeds' finest back on stage in a posing suit this year just that little bit more than we're digging her vocal work.

Decide for yourself which you prefer by checking out some Rosie in the gym action from fitVids and then dropping by her Soundcloud.

Former Ms Olympia, Female Muscle Legend

Our old friend El Mariachi will probably be spitting out his breakfast cereal (and wishing he'd voted) to see that his beloved Yaxeni, the woman he calls "the most spermalicious FBB God has ever created", has fallen 30-odd places on the list.

I hope he can console himself with the thought that all these amazing women are winners. In 2014 Yaxeni made the final top 6 posedown (perhaps the final ever top 6 posedown) at the Olympia for the umpteenth time, still looking head to toe exactly what she is - one of the finest female bodybuilders in the history of the sport.


When she was still at school, Renata and a couple of schoolmates decided to go to the gym. During one of my first workouts, the owner of the gym asked me how long I had been exercising, Renata tells us on her website. When I told him I trained my legs every other day, he said I was a genetic miracle. Indeed!

More Renata? Follow her around Europe and beyond "meeting fans" on Facebook.

Physique Competitor, Bicep Goddess

Czech muscular beauties are obviously like London buses - you wait an age for one to come, then two turn up at once! Whatever you do, don't say Lenka's all about the biceps... Although I am very glad that some of you like my biceps so much that you offer me mar­riage, wealth, spon­sor­ship, sup­port, etc. with­out a sec­ond thought, I’m not just “that girl with big biceps”, but one who wants to intrigue as a whole, she says. We say it's a sad sign of the times that a woman with such genetic gifts finds herself having to compete in the Physique division these days.

Bodybuilder, Super Saiyan, Fitness Fanatic, Atheist

Well that's how she describes herself anyway! We say she's all those things and the Instagram muscle-girl-next-door sensation of 2014. Time for a story, reads the caption to the above pic. Once upon a time there was a sad, depressed girl who hated herself and everyone else in the world. She was super self-conscious, especially about her breasts (or lack thereof, to be more accurate). She thought about lifts and enhancements and implants, but that wasn’t really her style.. When all hope seemed lost, she discovered weight lifting and now she’s got the cleavage she always wanted, except better because it’s made out of sweat and hard work. Amen!

More Brittni? She's got a YouTube channel.

IFBB Fitness Pro

She's beautiful, she's muscular, she's flexible, and she never seems to grow a day older! Hard to believe that everybody's favourite "cheerdancer" is now well into her 30s and first competed in her native Finland as long ago as the year 2000. I started weight training when I was 19 years old, after I had quit gymnastics, says Minna. I still wanted to compete and practise routines and I had always admired muscular bodies so fitness was a good choice for me. And us it turns out!

More Minna? Marvel at her flexibility (among other things) on her Instagram, and while you are in the marvelling mood, check out this pic. Big, isn't she?!

IFBB Physique Pro

Apart from the fact that she's a compatriot of our number 93, she's planning to make her pro debut this year, and that she's 25 years old, there's not much I can tell you about the gorgeous Anu. She's just perfect! exclaims one poster on the forum whose first rule is you do not talk about it. Others praise her natural look and her down to earth attitude that really comes through in the pictures, though the most pertinent comment has to be: a cute, fit, muscle babe who likes to post photos of herself in her underwear. What's not to like? The brethren, it seems, are smitten. I know I am.

You can bet your house this isn't the last you'll see of Anu on FMS this year.

Figure Competitor

Angelica featured on FMS in January, when we noted, among other things, her penchant for wearing very little in front of the mirror and her admiration for a certain Danielle Reardon. Sorry for all the selfies, wrote Angelica on her Instagram last week, but I felt pretty hot today. One can only surmise, given the plethora of selfies she posts, that this was not the only day on which she felt like that.

Aren't you glad you voted now? And they, dear reader, are only the first 10 women! Imagine the kind of bombardment of beauty and muscle that is going to be coming your way over the next week or so.

The countdown continues tomorrow...

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