Sunday, 24 February 2013

Unbuttoned/Unzipped of the Day

Unbuttoned Denim

Annie Riveccio
When you're this hot, Slave thinks it's almost criminal to cover up. Unfortunately, society as a whole disagrees. Annie manages to show off her incredible pecs and abs while simultaneously abiding by public decency laws.

Emery Miller
I couldn't get into this jacket you bought me after working out my arms, Emery tells us. So I ripped the sleeves off. What do you think? Nice.



  1. You always have great topics ideas!
    Your blog keeps getting better and better.

  2. I do agree with cockpuncher. You topics are getting better and better. Those pics of Annie and Emery are simply spermalicious!! I just can't resist having an immediate RELEASE.

    BTW..did you get my latest email?

    1. Thanks JL, glad you had a good time with this post! I did get your last email - sorry for not replying sooner. It's been a busy time (getting the daily posts together for one thing!). Will be in touch soon though.