Saturday, 24 October 2015

FBBUK Extra: Carly Thornton, Pride of Britain, New IFBB Physique Pro (& Me)

Friday it actually dawned on me what a totally insane year this has been. I decided to switch categories after a lot of advice... and chucked myself into the deep end to compete in the Women's Physique division for the first time without even having a warm up at a qualifier. I walked on stage at the Arnold Classic Europe and won, which no other UK competitor has ever achieved. Then a week later I went on to win the British, which has always been a dream. This still doesn't feel real now!

The only way I can sum up this year so far is Arrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh OMG because words cannot describe the overwhelming feeling right now.

I feel at home in this category and it has given me a new vision to set my goals and training towards, this journey has only started... Women's Physique - the category for feminine muscle. I couldn't recommend this class enough to anyone, show off that hard work, be yourself on stage and be proud of who you are!
Carly Thornton, Instagram, 18/10/15

And just a few days later, things got even better for Carly.

And in between, well, the smile still hasn't left my face. I read this, blushing like a schoolboy, on Carly's Facebook page: I want to say a huge thank to this lovely person that I have inspired over the years right back in my Active Channel days. Thank you for supporting me and writing such a lovely blog. I don't know you personally but I just wanted to say it meant a lot reading this THANK YOU

Note the hearts. Swoon of swoons! Right back at you, Carly. And I don't even care that she hadn't read it here but at another blog that just lifts posts from elsewhere...

I'm still grinning like a fool.

It's an exclusive club she has joined...

The Pride of Britain
Sharon Madderson, Wendy McCready, Rene Campbell and Lisa Cross in Bodybuilding. Louise Rogers and Maria Scotland in Figure, and Kizzy Vaines in Fitness (sometimes in Figure). Nina Ross and, recently Karina Slowronska in Bikini*. And now, Carly Thornton, the UK's first Women's Physique pro!

Big big love and many many congratulations to Carly!

Carly's story as told by FMS (and enjoyed by Carly!) was posted last Sunday.

And we'll be keeping the UK theme for another week, because... why not?


* I feel like I've forgotten someone. I really hope I haven't!

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  1. What an amazing woman!
    Her videos on fitvids are incredible!