Saturday, 31 October 2015

(Spooky Halloween) Pic of the Week

Well, I must say that I never thought I'd see a picture of my beloved Tarna looking anything less than 100% gorgeous, but there you are, "never say never"...

Tarna - recipient of an IFBB pro card this year (see Reasons to Be Cheerful @NPC USAs 2015) - was showing off the other professional qualification she has gained recently on her Instagram this week. She is now a licensed cosmetologist in her home state of Washington. Apparently, a cosmetologist is a person who specialises in the study and application of beauty treatment, and includes everything from hairstyling to skin care to cosmetics and manicures/pedicures, and even electrology.

And, it seems, Halloween spookiness as well.

With thighs like those she can come play trick or treat at my house anytime...
[you can stop that right now - ed.]

Here's a treat. Tarna, looking considerably less green, performs her guest posing routine at the NPC Northern Classic three weeks ago. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

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