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FBBUK Extra: Kristina Vassilieva

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OK, on with the last of the British female muscle posts for a while...

It is, I grant you, a very unBritish-sounding name. Kristina Vassilieva, pronounced vas-I-li-yava, I believe. Russian origin, but she's been here since she was three, so we are most definitely claiming Kristina. And do you blame us? Wouldn't you?

It was a name that kept cropping up while I was researching last week's posts. There she was, winner of the Bodyfitness class at the UKBFF South Coast Championships in April. And again, in August, runner-up to current UK Bodyfitness #1 Michelle Morris at the Scottish Grand Prix. And again, at the recent British Championships, 5th place in the taller of the two Bodyfitness classes. She gets around, I thought to myself. And so I looked for her in 2014. Nothing. I went back to 2013. I needn't have bothered. She'd accomplished all these results in her very first year as a competitive Figure girl. That UKBFF South Coast Championships victory had come at her first ever show.

Kristina is a former model who was, in her own words, a sporty, athletic child, always interested in fitness and health. But things didn't stay that way. From about the age of 18 or 19, she says, I unfortunately descended into a whirlwind of eating disorders.

No surprise that it was the gym, coupled with the lessons she had learned as a teenage athlete good enough to represent her borough, that got her back on the road to fitness. And she discusses this, and many other things, in a candid and very engaging podcast interview with Paul Burgess that you can watch in full (all 56 minutes of it) here.

These days, when she's not training or competing, Kristina is happy to be on the other side of the camera taking the photographs. She's heavily into psychology, and she also helps out her brother with his various e-commerce concerns. And very happily for Kristina fans, her family never fail to film her in action. So you can see Kristina - and the women she lines up with - in all three of her contests to date.

Get comfy and click below to get a load of Kristina strutting her stuff at the...

UKBFF South Coast

USN Scottish Grand Prix

UKBFF British Championships

At 5'7" (1.70m) she is on the tall side for a female bodybuilder, and there's no getting away from the fact that she is also quite a stunner. Add the inspirational fightback from anorexia and bulimia plus the obvious brains and you've got quite a package. So it's hardly surprising that despite still being an amateur, Kristina's already attracted the attention of a pretty major sponsor - Twana Barnett-Ferguson is sponsored by the same people, which is more than enough to impress the hell out of me anyway.

And on top of that, she's also caught the eye of Fit Vids, who are certainly far from slouches when it comes to spotting the best in upcoming UK female muscle talent.

More? There's another Fit Vids preview here.

Kristina is very clear that her ambitions lie beyond these shores, and you wouldn't bet against her achieving them. The prospect of qualifying and potentially competing internationally for the IFBB European or World Championships, to compete successfully and earn my pro card is a dream. The IFBB is the largest bodybuilding and fitness federation in the world, so there are some incredible opportunities to take your competition worldwide... And travel is a big passion of mine, she says.

We'd better make the most of it while she's still here.

Kristina - as you would imagine someone savvy in e-commerce would be - has all bases covered. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her own personal training website.

Enjoy! More FBBUK on FMS before long.

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