Monday, 26 October 2015

FBBUK Extra: Clips of the Week

From John Plummer at the UKBFF British: [In the tall Bodyfitness class] some superb physiques, most notable Donna Murphy and Rebecca Maughan, didn’t make the top six as the judges took a firm stance against the more muscular competitors...

We saw the gorgeous Rebecca and her "superb but too muscular" for the UKBFF judges physique last Monday, but not, in that post, the other "superb but too muscular" body of Bournemouth's Donna Ann Louise Murphy, who had - even more so than Rebecca - been one of the favourites to win the Bodyfitness category in Nottingham.

So here are TWO - you lucky people - quite different both terrific clips of Donna in action. The first is Donna's Fit Vids preview, the second a five-minute clip of Donna five weeks out from the British championships from the Majestic Gym channel.

Donna started out as a Bikini girl before switching to Bodyfitness in 2014. She won both the UKBFF South Coast Championships and the Welsh Grand Prix before finishing runner-up to Michelle Morris at the British Championships that year. But "too muscular" this year. Maybe another switch up to Physique for next year?

Only one way to find out - follow Donna on Twitter and Instagram.

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