Wednesday, 28 October 2015

FBBUK Extra: Coin, Confidence & A Comeback

So I'm flicking through the catch-up TV options a few weeks ago, and one of the stills sends my female muscle radar berserk. I've hit the download button before I've even clocked the name of the programme because that's... that's Kate Austin!

We first met Kate, who we dubbed "The Welsh Princess of Power" after learning one of her muscle inspirations was She-ra from the old He-Man cartoon, back in 2013 (see FMS, March 2013), and though we caught up with her showing off on the beach in May last year, and enjoyed a thirty-second Fit Vids preview (short, yes, but well worth a watch) from around the same time, we hadn't had much news of her since.

So, what was Kate doing on the BBC?

Young people in the South Wales valleys spend more on looking good than in the most prosperous parts of London, said the programme information. Tattoos, tans, botox and boobs - a journey into the world of looking good and feeling poor as young Welsh men and women reveal all in their pursuit of the body beautiful.

The title? Young Welsh and Pretty Skint. Which doesn't shed any light on Kate's role in all of this. So, perhaps we should just have a watch. Kate's bit starts at 7.48...

So, one of our Welsh She-ra's superpowers turns out to be that she is recession-proof! This industry hasn't suffered. I've opened two gyms in the past two years...

And this isn't going to be the only time Kate will be on the BBC. Apparently, there is more to look forward to. Quite a lot more, in fact. Filming a documentary for the BBC based around me and my members next month, she said on Instagram recently. Also going to be in another documentary specifically about female bodybuilders before next year. Well that sounds like a documentary that (unlike "Young Welsh and Pretty Skint") is going to be worth watching from start to finish. Over and over again.

What's more, Kate is going to elsewhere in the media, specifically in a music video that will be part of a "massive" nationwide anti-bullying campaign launching this month.

And as well as her two gyms, Kate has launched Ultimate Physiques Fitness Classes and Training Solutions with her bestie Caz Roberts and a team of Kate-trained female instructors. But Kate has also found that her considerable entrepreneurial success has come at a price - and not just to the skint young Welsh (and their parents' and grandparents' savings). When her old Instagram account was deleted (too many racy pictures perhaps?) Kate seems to have got a bit nostalgic for her hardcore female bodybuilder's body as she sifted through some of her old pictures...

God I miss bodybuilding, she said. I miss training heavy and eating right so much but current circumstances just don't allow me to make it a priority at the min[ute]. Life has taken over and to be honest life is great right now but I don't half miss that feeling you get when you know your body's changing and you look in the mirror and smile at yourself and not just get dressed. What I wouldn't give to look like this again.
Kate backstage before her last competition - the UKBFF Cumbrian Classic in 2014

Look at her confident sexy smile in the picture above right. Look at that look on her face in the on stage shot (bottom right, previous set above). I'd bet that look in the mirror in the morning feeling isn't the only feeling Kate has been missing.

Been feeling extremely frustrated with myself lately, she said a few weeks ago. I've been really unmotivated when it comes to my own training. Been too busy taking classes and with work... So I thought what better way to give myself a kick up the butt than NEW GYM CLOTHES! Just arrived from the States! That should do the trick.

And it's totally worked.

Just two weeks ago I was unhappy with the way I looked and stuck in a rut. Decided to do something about it, start training again and BAM! I'm back on form in a matter of weeks. Loving training again and [being] consistent with my diet again. Life is good. Looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks bring. Exciting times...

Indeed. It's real a pleasure to find that Kate has got her hardcore mojo back, and we'll be keeping an eye on her Facebook, (new) Instagram, and her (now functioning again) website over the next few weeks and beyond. FMS will, of course, bring you news of those documentaries as and when it comes, and, fingers crossed, news of our Welsh Princess of Power wearing her posing suit (and that smile) again before too long as well.



  1. I read this and remembered one of our first chats. I said that I didn't get to see many bodybuilders on brazilian TV and you said: "Where do you think I can see female bodybuilder on british TV? At the BBC?".
    Well, times have changed.
    And I have moved. Now I live in Rio. Needless to say people care more about their bodies here. And that's why I got (sort of) a story.
    I entered the supermarket for some juice and I saw a girl with very little clothing. I tought it was only the usual pair of beautiful legs when I raised my eyes and saw her arms. They were big, veiny and defined. And I was taken by the madness. I wanted to talk to her. the usual: "do you compete?" and "congratulations" stuff, but it was very fast and I didn't had the time. I took the first juice I saw and still managed to get behind her at the cashier. A last glance at those mighty arms, but no talk. At least I know where to find her. Now I got a new supermarket in my life.
    Best regards.

    1. Ha ha! Yes I remember that, and your story just goes to prove how good you have got it! I'm just watching the BBC, you are enjoying it LIVE!

      Good to hear from you dude.