Sunday, 13 August 2017

21 Reasons (#14)

Due to some work commitments and Mr and Mrs Swell's now annual sojourn to the South of France (not the bit that was recently on fire, thankfully), the FMS offices are going to be closed this week, next week and the week after. Nevertheless, as always, we don't want to leave you totally FMS-less, so we've lined up 21 Reasons, one daily picture (or two or three), plus one reason why we love doing what we do, as if we were explaining it to one not so convinced of the glory of the muscular female.



Say what you like about the (undeniably impressive) record of Iris Kyle as Ms Olympia, since the Rising Phoenix took over as the world's premier pro FBB contest, cheerleading for the sport has been a lot easier. You'd have to go back to Yaxeni in 2005 to find a champion who knew how to bring so much fiery sex appeal to the stage, FMS wrote in this year's Hot and Hard 100. So fierce and powerful, and yet, so feminine. Exactly how I would like the champ to be. All muscle and all woman.

And it's not just on stage that Margie brings it, it's pretty much 24/7 as far as I can tell. And nor has she eased up on the muscle sexiness since hanging up her flaming posing suit (temporarily I hope) either. "Ms Melanite" these days, she was, not so long ago, calling herself "The Bringer of Quadgasms". To us? To herself? To both? Each option has its own special level of muscle sexy appeal. I like to think it was the third though.

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