Saturday, 14 February 2015

À la recherche du chaude et dure perdu: Sophie Duquette

In this last week of voting for the FMS Hot and Hard 100, I don't wish to unduly influence the waverers among you who are still compiling your lists by posting too many images of the hottest hard women of the last year [like you did yesterday?! - ed.] And on top of that, as I've recently reached, shall we say, a "certain age", I'm kind of in the mood to look back on my female muscle lovin' life thus far.

So, all week on FMS, it's some of my all-time favourite female muscle moments, starring some of my all-time favourite muscle women. And with apologies to Monsieur Proust, we've decided to call it À la recherche du chaude et dure perdu, or...


1. These Glutes Were Made for Walking

She walks towards the camera, which then swings around and follows her up a staircase and onto a landing. Then we switch point of view as the camera overtakes her and now she's walking towards us again. She smiles into camera as she passes along. Fade out.

Described as above it doesn't sound like much. But when "she" is Sophie Duquette in heels, when her mouth-watering body is at its full and curvy muscle peak, when that fantasy body of hers is covered only by a triangle of fabric up top and a "skirt" that barely manages to cover 50% of her glorious rear... well, it's amazing how scintillating a forty-seven second clip of a woman doing nothing but walking can be.

It's so far from the HD clarity we are so spoiled with now - I'm guessing it's about ten years old - but I tend to think it's actually better for it, or rather, I'm all the better for it. If, ten years ago, I'd watched Sophie in HD - particularly the walking up the stairs behind her rippling legs section - so excited would I have been that I might well have found myself in intensive care, never able to safely watch the clip again. Ever.

And to think there are actually men out there who wouldn't find this sexy.

Click here and you can watch the clip on a continuous loop. Careful now!

And I shall be biting into another madeleine tomorrow...

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  1. Since I am French, I must tell you that this article's title makes no sense at all ;)