Tuesday, 17 February 2015

À la recherche du chaude et dure perdu: Desiree Ellis [NSFW after click]

It's not often - despite the safety of the "Adult Content" warning on the blog - that I actually post what you'd call adult content, but today is one of those times.


4. Revelation & Desire

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, you had to imagine what a female bodybuilder looked like naked. Apart from those adverts for 'L.Scott Sales' or the like which were on the inside back page of WPW (and even then had only tiny tiny pictures of - let's face it - hardly the women you would have most liked to see naked) in the magazine years, it was a rare sight to see even what I know now is called an "implied topless" shot.

Muscle Elegance changed the game.

The trauma of purchasing the magazine from one of the busiest newsagent's in the country (at the Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford St!) paled in comparison to the rewards within. There wasn't a coy hand covering anything inside its pages. In an instant, the need to imagine had vanished. Here were female bodybuilders, and some of the top female bodybuilders at that, revealed in all their spectacular glory.

Bi-monthly my desire was satisfied. And like a kid who's been bothering his parents for a toy for months only to tire of it quickly once it's been bought for him, a new desire began to replace it. Wouldn't it be great if Muscle Elegance made DVDs?

I didn't have to wish for very long! And it's from one of those early DVDs, Gym Heat, as I recall the first one I actually purchased, that today's recherche comes.

It starred the ubiquitous Denise, Rhonda Lee Quaresma and Desiree Ellis. Great though Denise always was (and is, and no doubt shall always be), and despite the sizzling sex appeal the young Rhonda Lee undoubtedly had (long before she went down the Melissa Coates road of beauty-destroying cosmetic surgery), it was Desiree's segments of the DVD that, if it had been VHS, I would have worn out.

Her beauty. Her voice, as smooth as her dark, delicious skin. Her muscles, rippling beneath as she pumps and flexes. The tease - for roughly half the clip she's not even topless. Shoulders = power, she says. Big shoulders turn her on. Training her shoulders turns her on. It was, and for me at least, still is, utterly intoxicating. And that's even before the naked second half, before she starts to make love to the bench...

Here's the link


Safe(r) for work memories tomorrow!


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