Saturday, 7 February 2015

GIFs of the Week

In a bumper week for GIFs (or my discovery of them at least), it was impossible to choose just one, so, you lucky people, today we have not one, but two magnificent muscle women for your viewing pleasure, in no fewer than FIVE genius gifs.

They are taken from a new Tumblr blog, It Is What It Is. (full stop included), which, I should warn you, is most definitely not safe for work (least of all because of the Health & Safety implications), and is not exclusively a female muscle blog.

To start with, it's Shannon Courtney. To the power of 3!

At first, she's all smiles...

But pretty soon Shannon is gurning like a raver...

And you can feel the intensity of her effort as her huge arms (and everything else) assert their power over the iron. Grimacing yet insanely gorgeous, Shannon is oblivious to the guy who seems to have wandered into her domain by mistake, his attempt at looking casual (ie. act as if he hasn't come to ogle the Queen of the Gym) fails miserably, the gif loop turns him into one shifty-looking mofo!

Just imagine what the view must be like from back there. The Courtney glutes snug inside her tight light blue leggings, her lats and rear delts exploding out of her vest as she curls the weight... No wonder his hands are in his pockets!

And meanwhile, in another gym on the other side of town...

Dana Capobianco is feeling rather good about her chest.

Now, I am putting these gifs in the opposite order to the original poster for good reason. Drink in the muscle (above), because the second one is all about the expression on Dana's face - although the viewer should spend a little time looking at Dana's top and noting that her pump has extended to, has stimulated, all parts of her chest...

That look off camera with the tongue action and the smile - I don't know who or what she is looking at, but if I was it, I think I would just die right there - then her eyes roll back in ecstasy as she clenches her teeth, hits the pose, and ripples..

I think I need a lie-down.


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  1. I love to see how Shannon seems to suffer...
    No Pain, No Gain!