Sunday, 15 February 2015

À la recherche du chaude et dure perdu: Zuzana Korinkova


2. Oh Zuzana

I'd scan the shelves for new issues then take my chance to furtively leaf through the pages when there was no one else near me, no one who could see what I was looking at, because if anyone did, they'd see what a weirdo I was. Waiting, again, until there was no one at the cash register, unable to look the shop owner in the eye, I'd pay (my hands trembling with excitement) and stuff the magazine into my bag as fast as I could. Relief! The hard part over, my heart pounding inside my chest, I'd rush back home to secretly enjoy the pictures of the amazing women within my precious cargo.

It's a scenario apparently familiar to countless fans of female muscle who grew up at the time when a trip to the newsagent's was the only way to get your fix.

I would have been in my late teens when I saw these images of Zuzana. They're images I spent hour upon hour with. So much muscle, so much detail to enjoy. Her meaty, booming bicep; her freaky, granite glutes; triceps whose striations have striations...

Many years later the internet allowed me to enjoy Zuzana in motion, both on and off stage, and the excitement was barely less intense. Whether it was the younger, leaner Zuzana or the later jaw-droppingly huge Zuzana of so many WPW clips, she was a fascinating, beguiling combination of muscle and beauty. Little wonder she is one of very few women who almost every female muscle lover has on their all-time list.

See another UK female muscle fan's recollection of these Zuzana images on FMS' Shared History of Female Muscle Fandom page in the piece entitled The Newsagent's.

And we leave you today with an edited clip of Zuzana's legendary white lingerie shoot.


Another trip down female muscle memory lane tomorrow...

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