Monday, 9 February 2015

Media Watch UK: The Hull Muscle Honeyz

Some unexpectedly good New Year news landed in the FMS inbox in the first week of 2015 in the shape of an article from regional news source the Hull Daily Mail. Hull, for non-UK readers, is a city (officially Kingston-upon-Hull) on the east coast of England in the county of Yorkshire, notable to female muscle fans (up to now) only for being where FMS crush and total Muscle Honey Rebecca Maughan hails from.

However, Rebecca isn't one of the Muscle Honeyz in the article, which is kind of what I expected when I read the headline! In fact, we learn that they are a group of 30 women from Hull on a mission to get themselves in tip-top condition this year.

The Muscle Honeyz are embarking on their fitness campaign as part of their preparation for this year's Mr and Mrs Hull show and train at Workout Gym in Ropery Street, near Hull Arena, under the watchful eye of Mr Universe Dan Welburn.

And aiding and abetting local hero Welburn is a woman who is no stranger to winning at bodybuilding shows, 2013 Miss Yorkshire Toned Figure Becky Rowley.
Toned Figure champion Becky Rowley trains Muscle Honey Alex Greenwood (top), competing in her first show in 2013, ready to go at the Muscle Honeyz gym in Hull, and proudly holding up her substantial silverware.

Thirty of them! And they're preparing for a show?! I couldn't help wondering how long it would take to turn the UK into the female muscle paradise I'd always dreamed of if there were thirty women in every gym in every city all training for their first bodybuilding shows... Not very long is the answer I came up with.

But before we get too excited, fact is, as the article tells us later, not all the Muscle Honeyz are actually looking to compete. Some of us are trying to get fit and healthy, says Muscle Honey Gemma Hornby, but others are getting into bodybuilding.
Muscle Honey Gemma Hornby (left) and her woman crush, Paige Hathaway.

22 year-old Gemma, who works for the newspaper in the marketing department and on her Twitter admits having a big old woman crush on fitness model Paige Hathaway, seems to be something of an advocate for the lifestyle. Before I started training and taking care of myself, I was always sick. It felt like I was always poorly. But since I began to look after myself, my health improved so much. I'm a lot stronger physically and it's transformed my health. I had no energy before. Now, I'm training five to six days a week, I'm eating well and I feel so much better.
Muscle Honey selfies by Gemma Hornby.

People should get involved, says Gemma. They will see a massive improvement in their lives. They'll have more energy, they'll feel better in themselves and it'll be great for their health. Just give it a go. We are one big team and we're all in it together.
Muscle Honeyz Emily (left) and Laura.

While some of the Muscle Honeyz are, like Gemma, "just giving it a go" in an effort to look and feel better, others are either would-be competitors or former competitors training for their return to the stage. Some of the Muscle Honeyz are established clients of the gym and its trainers, others have only recently joined up.
Muscle Honeyz Jenni (left), and Jo.

But what I really like about all this - apart from the 'imagine this was happening all over the UK' daydream - is their choice of the word MUSCLE. They're not the Gym Honeyz, not the Hardbody Honeyz, not the Fit Honeyz. They are MUSCLE Honeyz.

And you can follow their collective adventures, marvel at their transformations, and watch them as they prepare for the Mr and Miss Hull 2015 on the Muscle Honeyz Facebook page. The show is in May. There are going to be a few "purple sisters" in their Team Muscle Honeyz purple bikinis on that stage worth watching.

I'm all over Right Move looking for property in Hull...


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