Monday, 28 November 2016

From Birmingham to Miami: The Women of the 2016 NABBA Universe & NPC Nationals

Thought this might be fun.

Fourteen women from the latest versions of two venerable contests.

Every day this week, one of the women who competed in one of the Toned or Trained Figure classes at the NABBA Universe in Birmingham, UK, on October 29th. And from the NPC Nationals in Miami the following weekend, every day we'll enjoy one of the Female Bodybuilders or Women's Physique competitors, all trying to win their IFBB pro cards remember, taken from among the four classes in each division.

I'm not trying to compare and contrast the women or federations, or make any points here, I just thought it would be a bit different. And it gives us the best of both worlds too. While footage of the NABBA ladies' routines is plentiful, there are few pics. From the NPC Nationals the reverse is true. Little video, many pics. So, by doing it this way we get to enjoy some muscles in motion, as well as a selection of contest photos.

Today, two runners-up.

From Birmingham...

2nd, Toned Figure

Yes, that's right, Monica Brant. The former Ms Fitness Olympia and two-time WBFF Pro Figure champion decided to take to a NABBA stage at the age of 46 having competed at a bodybuilding show only once since 2010. After announcing her return though, she was, apparently, contacted by the UK PCA (Physical Culture Association), and appeared at their Birmingham show the weekend before she appeared here.

See winner Amy Wilson's disbelief that she's just beaten the Monica Brant in the Toned Figure Awards clip, and you can also check out Monica's routine from a slightly different angle here. The interview she gave to announce her comeback is here, and you can listen to her the day before the NABBA Universe interviewed by This Is Bodybuilding on Soundcloud, and follow her on YouTube for more.

And from Miami...

2nd, FBB Heavyweight

When I saw the prejudging photos of the Heavyweights, I feared that Theresa Ivancik would have to settle for second place yet again, because Pauline Nelson (see previously on FMS), looked like a real threat. As it turned out though, the judges went for Theresa, though if there had been an award for "Best Emoting During the Abs & Thigh pose", Pauline would have been downright impossible to beat.

After a break of three years, Pauline made a winning return to the stage this year at the NPC Eastern USA Championships (gallery here) before heading for Miami. You can follow the self-styled "Miss Making-it-happen" on her Instagram.


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  1. Monica Brant!?!! Who's next? Marla Duncan? Amy Fadhli?