Sunday, 6 November 2016


Now the really smart choice of muscle woman to be stuck in an elevator with would be Erica Blockman, aka The World's Sexiest Firefighter. Her skills might make the whole experience a bit shorter than it otherwise might be, but I bet it'd be amazing to watch her work. And, he said coyly, you'd feel all safe and protected and stuff...

Trouble is, I can't find a single image of Erica in an elevator.

But I did find a pretty good second choice.

Dani seems to have added beef even since she beefed up for the Olympia, particularly in the arm department, and an elevator stuck between floors would be the perfect environment - well, maybe not the perfect one, an opportune environment perhaps would be more accurate - to demonstrate my appreciation for all her hard graft.

And if that beefy upper body was all sweaty and pumped, then that would be heaven!

Clearly this post is descending faster than an elevator in a disaster movie, so I'll leave my sordid imaginings right there and leave you and this week of ups and downs with two of the finest biceps in the Physique - or indeed any - division. In an elevator.

And FMS will also be leaving you for a couple of weeks to reevaluate and recharge.

We'll be back on or around the 21st November.

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  1. I would love to be stuck in the elevator with the incredibly sexy Dani, that's for sure!