Friday, 4 November 2016

Suelen Bissolati

The second of our Brazilians with more of a thing than most for capturing their own image in the elevator mirror is Suelen Bissolati, who, this summer, was reported to have "dethroned" Gracyanne Barbosa as maior bumbum. Seriously, they have news reports about this stuff in Brazil, many many news reports - what a country!

Anyway, she doesn't do it so much these days (maybe because she's so busy talking to the media about her bumbum), but Suelen has built up an impressive archive of elevator selfies in an impressive array of second skin/barely there outfits.

Surprisingly perhaps, given the fact that she's becoming increasingly famous for a certain part of her monumental anatomy, very little of her elevator work is not simply front on. There's the very occasional flex, the even more occasional sort of side on shot, and that's about it. But samey as they may be, enjoyable they undoubtedly are.

Did you spot him, the lucky young fella who got into exactly the right lift at exactly the right time? I doubt they even know each other, reckons one fan. He just happened to hop on the elevator and she decided to take a pic of herself anyway...

I doubt our fan's pet theory has any basis beyond wishful thinking, but whatever the truth, there he was, circa the summer of 2014, now preserved in his somewhat stiff glory, right there with the (now increasingly famous) Suelen for company.

Suelen, apart from featuring in the Brazilian broadcast media these days, is on Instagram - with her 119,000 followers. But only he knows where that lift is...


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