Friday, 25 November 2016

On Fandom: Chapter 5


A female bodybuilder with 'zero per cent body fat' has caused a debate over whether she is healthy after showing off her ripped physique in the gym.

The woman, who has not been named, filmed herself striking a series of poses to display her muscly figure - including her washboard abs.

However, some social media users suggested that it was 'dangerous' for her to sculpt her body in this way.

The video was posted on LiveLeak with the caption: 'Well this just went from hot to dangerous'. It shows the bodybuilder, believed to be from the US, pouting at the camera as she flexes her biceps.

One person commented: 'The dietary discipline to get very low is nuts ( nobody is at 0 especially a woman) but its unhealthy and ugly'. Another person described it as 'a step too far', while one suggested it was 'bad for her body'.

However, others said they admired her dedication, with one commenter writing: 'It's her life though, so more power to her.'

A healthy body fat percentage for women aged 20 to 39 ranges between 21 and 33 per cent, according to the Royal College of Nursing.

Mail Online, 12th November 2016

The female bodybuilder in question, one of FMS' Women of the Year 2015, Eleonora Dobrinina. Her location, as I'm sure you know, Toronto. That's in Canada. The video, hardly new. But The Mail was by no means the only news source to pick up on the LiveLeak post. Ella, without being named once, was suddenly all over the world.

This has happened before, of course. Georgina McConnell, teenage muscle girl, and Dani Reardon and her late-night shenanigans, to name but two examples. It goes from one media source to another, each one adding slightly less to the (already incredibly low) standard of journalism on display. Pure reproduction, with, perhaps, worse punctuation (The Mail's needed correcting) and more pictures.

But this week I'm not interested in the media. I'm interested in us.

Not a hard thing to be an Ella fan. Not hard to follow Ella on Facebook, or Instagram (where she's posted many many of these "shocking" clips). Not hard to type some encouraging (polite, supportive, not creepy and obnoxious - remember?) comments for her. Many do, maybe you're one of her 300,000+ followers already.

Good for you.

Not such an easy thing to tell the world that though, is it?

When your colleague at work or whatever suddenly shows you their phone or your friend sends you a link - "This is fucking freaky!" - and suddenly you're looking at Ella's "shocking video" or The Mail's article and you are expected to react.

What do you say?

Yeah, very freaky. That's Ella. E-le-o-no-ra Dob-ri-ni-na. I follow her on Instagram. Used to be a lot smaller but in the last year or so she's really muscled up. So dedicated, and such a show-off. She posts loads of clips like that, maybe not quite so extreme but yeah... Sexy as hell if you ask me, a woman so enjoying her own body. Look how proud she is of herself. Major turn-on. And she's from Canada, not the US like it says there. 0%? She'd be dead. It's bollocks. You read The Mail?! Damn.

Or maybe not.

My own recent history at such moments is mixed - see previously on FMS here and (most recently) here. You'll note that my finest hour involved being a bit on the drunk side and righteously indignant and not with people who I regularly spend time with, so I don't congratulate myself too much, and fully expect if someone had shown me Ella I would have reverted to type and just mumbled something vaguely negative (but not too negative) and got myself the hell out of the conversation sharpish.

Given the number of female muscle heads who, like me, choose to keep their passion largely under wraps, I doubt I'm the only one who tends to act so shamefully at the moments when I really should be more Brian Eno. I could, after all, really bore the pants off the next guy who discovers some female muscle in the mainstream and wants me to go "Eew! She's disgusting!" like a good red-blooded man should.

But instead...

She did pretty well this year in her debut pro season. Man, you should see her all tanned and oiled in her posing suit, she really goes for it on stage. Maniac poser! Believe the judges had to tell her to calm it down. Total exhibitionist.

Mad as a balloon too, her Instagram is hilarious! Check out her transformation, it's incredible what she's achieved in six years. Made herself extraordinary is what she's done. Look at that bottom! How sexy is that?! Oh man, you're not telling me you prefer her before? You are having a Turkish! Seriously?! You've got to be some kind of weirdo to prefer her before. And what with you being a Mail reader and all...

Will I finally stick my female muscle lovin' head above the parapet next time?

Will you?

to be continued...

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