Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Urge

Like I said yesterday, there are mirrors in there, and once the muscular women of the world have caught a glimpse of themselves, they simply cannot resist the urge.


Nicole can't resist her bulging arms and shoulders.


Figure champ Christine Baldridge knows she isn't going to look so lean and tanned forever, so while she's got those chiselled abs, she's going to take full advantage.


Which came first for Janaina Pinheiro? I wonder. Was this selfie inspired by her bumbum and the flex was an afterthought, or did she start out with the rear bicep flex and then notice how enticing her rear end looks in those tight white leggings?

But there's no doubt what the lovely lady on the left - who I can only find identified as "Kayla" - was aiming to showcase. Still though, my overactive (and somewhat sordid) imagination can't help itself wondering if this shot was for the benefit of the lucky fella she was on her way out to meet, or perhaps the poor sod who had just blown his chance with her. Maybe it was just for Kayla herself. Or maybe she was thinking as she took it that her ego would be growing even bigger than her triceps after she'd posted it to social media, sat back and lapped up her followers' praise for their goddess...

imagebam.com imagebam.com

And on the other side of the world, Yaroslava Nikolaeva may well have been having very similar, if not identical, thoughts as she went out/came home on her way to/from the death metal extravaganza and got excited by the sexy vascularity of her arms.


And finally for today, a truly horrible shot by serial NABBA/WFF champ Daria Diossi. Or at least that's how it seems at first glance, with half of the picture taken up by the lift wall. But consider this - though the mirror was totally unsuitable, though she had to basically lean against the door to get the right angle, Daria still took it. She couldn't wait for a longer mirror to present itself possibly (if this is Daria going home) only a few moments away. She just had to flex and snap right there, right then.

Compulsion? Addiction? Madness?

More tomorrow.

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