Thursday, 24 November 2016

On Fandom: Chapter 4

Different strokes...
A little of what I fancy

What's your thing?

I honestly never expected us to be so damn diverse. Really. First contact, ("finally someone who understands me" and all that) and I was like, I like abs, you like abs, we should just talk about muscle women forever and never get bored, right?


I honestly never expected there would be so many differences, so many different forms if you like, of female muscle appreciation, that there would be so many different tribes let's say, so many different ways to worship at the female muscle altar...


The only women you want to talk about are the biggest beasts of all. Natalia Trukhina is the latest goddess to join your mega muscular pantheon. and you are especially fond of (the seemingly limitless) pictures of the Russian behemoth next to smaller, inferior women and/or men. You imagine her overpowering you, smothering you, engulfing you in her mountainous muscles. Possibly, you are of the "feeble physique" type, and it's the feeling of helplessness you would have next to such animal power, such dominant female force, that drives you insane with desire.


Ever met one of these? No matter who you are talking about, from a Bikini competitor up to Christine Envall (for example), and they just want to inject them and make them bigger. And bigger. And bigger. How much bigger would you like her to be? they ask. The answer they are looking for is not "a little bit I guess", it's something along the lines of "bigger than the biggest girl Tigersan has ever imagined... so big her clothes have to be made around her..." That's what they like. So you know.


Guilty as charged. We use phrases like "on a date" and "adore" far too much, and if you thought the Really Never Too Bigs were out of touch with reality, just check us out. We daydream a bit more than we should. About dinner dates and walks in the park, and how romantic it would be to serve her up with her chicken and rice every night. Our new favourite is typically Cass Martin, we don't ogle her, we gaze at her, and we refer to her (as we did the many many others before her) as our "dream girl".


One woman men. Sure, they might have flirtations elsewhere, but in the end they always come back to their inamorata. They're no Swoonies though, no dreamers, every Loyalist I know has sessioned or otherwise actually met or at the very least regularly communicates with their betrothed. One that I know of has a veritable shrine in his bedroom. Another just can't stop telling the world (really, the world) about his one and only. So yes, you might get a few minutes chat out of them about another muscle woman, but don't expect to wait too long before their muscle goddess becomes the one and only topic of conversation on the virtual table. Ever.


Think you can be picky? Think again. Too much ink. Not enough definition. Too fake. Too real. Too small. Too masculine. Hair's too short. Don't like that mole on her left glute. Selfies bore me. I don't look at anything other than selfies these days. She is a Nazi. She's a slut. She didn't reply to my email. She was rude about my email. Don't really go for Figure women/full-on FBBs/them Bikini types... Have heard every single one of these for real. And more, many more. I could go on. They certainly can.


A free order of the UnHoly Church of Female Muscle Love. These guys (and I'm not necessarily excluding myself here) can do men with muscle and women with muscle. If you're feeling a bit shy, like it's not confession time, then you will probably get out of this chat. Later, you might wish you hadn't. Remember those Muscle & Fitness covers you used to like? The ones where Monica Brant or whoever was draped over some big muscle beast? Didn't you use to wish you were him? Didn't that excite you? Not even a little bit? OK, you're not going there. It's fine. I understand, and so do they. The rest of us look on, secretly envious. Look at them! They're so free!
Shanique, Ramona, Tina & Jessica - all hits with the ladies, apparently


As we've already established this week, some of us are actually not men at all. And in my experience it's the ladies who provide the most exciting chat of all. Honestly, I never imagined in all my wildest dreams that I would ever have learned some of the things I have learned from the muscle women who've reached out and got in touch after reading the blog. You couldn't make it up. All said in confidence of course, except if you are a certain female member who regularly frequents the Girls with Muscle chat room (aka "The Perve Zoo" as one of my female confidants calls it!). That female lets it all hang out, rating images according to the intensity of orgasm it gives her. And to be honest she is really quite tame in comparison with some of these women. Muscle women are the horniest women alive. We all like to believe it. Well, in my experience anyway, it's true. And nothing makes them hornier than other muscle women.

This little (please, light-hearted, not to be taken too seriously) overview is a mere warm-up set. There are sub-groups of these groups, you know. And more groups out there. And within those there are different sub-groups, different niches. More than I could possibly imagine, I'm sure. As Dr. Bunsell says, "further research is needed".

And if you do find someone who does like to talk about female muscle like you like to talk about female muscle, like you can finish each other's sentences kind of click, then my advice is hang on to them. You may not meet another for a very long time.

to be continued...

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