Wednesday, 30 November 2016

From Birmingham to Miami: The Women of the 2016 NABBA Universe & NPC Nationals

Every day this week, one of the women who competed in one of the Toned or Trained Figure classes at the NABBA Universe in Birmingham, UK, on October 29th. And from the NPC Nationals in Miami the following weekend, every day we'll enjoy one of the Female Bodybuilders or Women's Physique competitors, all trying to win their IFBB pro cards remember, taken from among the four classes in each division.

I'm not trying to compare and contrast the women or federations, or make any points here, I just thought it would be a bit different. And it gives us the best of both worlds too. While footage of the NABBA ladies' routines is plentiful, there are few pics. From the NPC Nationals the reverse is true. Little video, many pics. So, by doing it this way we get to enjoy some muscles in motion, as well as a selection of contest photos.

Two larger ladies today.

From Australia to the Universe...

Trained Figure II

Not too sure where Aussie phenom Aisling Hickey placed in the end, but it was certainly outside the top 6. Way too big for the class, commented one fan after seeing her in action. I doubt said fan meant it as anything other than a compliment. Watching Aisling's beefy muscle show (and the crowd's enthusiastic appreciation) took me back to the days when the "Physique" (ie. FBB) ladies appeared at the Universe.

And if you'd like to see a routine of hers go on longer than just over a minute (I'm guessing you would), then check out this high quality offering from the NABBA/WFF Australian International Championships, which took place a couple of weeks before Aisling starred in Birmingham. So, out of the top placings, but had there been an audience award, I reckon Aisling would have definitely been a contender.

And in Miami...

3rd, FBB Heavyweight

On Girls with Muscle there is but one picture of Allison Chaidez (not Chaiez as some websites have her) - and it's insane. Of course, there are those who can't wait to tell us how little love they have for the tats, but there's also plenty of jaws on the floor, amazed by her "gigantic cannonball" of a bicep. Count me among the latter.

We have found her at national level back in 2014, and competing twice - at the NPC USAs and the IFBB North Americans, both at light-heavyweight, and at the North Americans also in the Masters class - in 2016. There is obviously more to the Allison Chaidez story than the FMS research team have unearthed so far. Stay tuned.


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