Monday, 31 October 2016

Going Up?

And when I turned my head to see what the noise was, recalls Cindy, I looked down and saw the man had crawled his way into the lobby and was heading towards me.

He looked so comical down there, she continues, his tie was all askew, his knees had worn right through his trousers, and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth!

See, he'd followed me all the way back from the party like that. First time that happens to you it is a bit weird but... she shrugs, you get used to it in the end.

I always say what I said to him then, the last words he heard before he passed out.

"Going up?"

For what happens inside elevators when the doors open and our muscle goddesses get inside, follow us throughout this week as we explore the (relatively) new phenomenon of the female muscle elevator selfie (clue - there are mirrors in there!).

And yes, we call them "lifts" here in the UK, but given that well over half of the FMS readership are Stateside, you'll forgive me for pandering to the majority.

"... you get used to it in the end."


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