Thursday, 13 October 2016

Pic(s) of the Week

As the contest approaches she sees what Tanya Bunsell calls 'the latent image in her mind’s eye', the vision she has of her body at its most perfect, emerging. Off season she hid her body away from view, now she sheds layers as she sheds body fat, displaying ever more of her beautifully sculpted physique as she performs the last few workouts of her prep. At home she dispenses with clothes altogether, never missing an opportunity to flex in the mirror and get lost in trance-like self-admiration...

Or at least that's what my female muscle fantasy mind likes to believe.

I love it when my fantasy turns out not to be so fantastic after all...

Not in Corinne Ingman's house anyway.

Corinne (2016 Hot and Hard 100 #40) dispenses with clothes 10 days out (left), and 3 days out from the recent UKBFF British Championships, where she placed - as inexplicably as ever - outside the top 6. Maybe if she'd dispensed with the suit completely and walked on wearing nothing but a smile she might have fared better...

Corinne's Instagram. Essential viewing.


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