Thursday, 27 October 2016

Peaks Week: Clip of the Week

So I'm compiling this week's posts and I'm thinking what I could really do with is a compilation of biceps - the finest biceps, you know - just popping and rippling. If only there was a brand new tip top clip like that out there. It would just slip right into the midweek post slot snugger than Aleesha Young in a dress. Or something.

And spookily... that's exactly what I got.

Gentlemen, the latest Ultimate Muscle meisterwerk - UPCLOSE BICEPS

Enjoy! (I know I have been - I mean, how can you NOT love something that begins with over a minute of Alina's biceps popping and rippling, and ends with two plus minutes of the very very best of Mindi O'Brien's two legendary muscles?!)

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