Monday, 10 October 2016

Hall of Fame: Bernie's Wardrobe Malfunction

Question: What do Michelle Baker in a purple dress, Juliette Bergmann in a see through top and frilly skirt, Debbie Muggli's and Sophie Duquette's bums, Christina Rhodes in orange, and the Abs & Thigh pose have in common?

Answer: They're all in FMS' Female Muscle Hall of Fame.

Now, it's been a bit quiet on the Hall of Fame front for over a year.

Time for something new. Well, actually fairly old school.

A moment at the NABBA Universe in 1990 starring British female muscle legend (and 1992 NABBA Ms Universe) Bernadette "Bernie" Price, a posing suit that refuses to play ball, and a sight that would have scored extra points from this judge if only...

The best thing about it (for me) is that Bernie realises her right pec is au naturel quite a while before she puts it away but keeps going until she can fix it when her back is to the judges and audience. You can see the moment when she thinks about popping it back in then decides to carry on regardless. It's at about the 20-second mark - she almost pulls out of the pose, hesitating for a beat, then she continues as planned.

That's your Hall of Fame moment right there!

I only recently became aware of Bernie's pectacular performance recently, thanks to the hard work of a couple of members of the forum whose first rule is, and their knowledge and archive and their sharing of it should not go unacknowledged. So, it is with thanks to "the street fighter" for the gifs and "bigdee35" for the clip that we welcome Bernie and her glorious wardrobe malfunction to the FMS Hall of Fame.

Suggestions please!

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