Friday, 21 October 2016

Figure Phenoms: Nay Jones

Whenever I come on this site [Girls with Muscle] there is (literally) always a physique that knocks me sideways, reads the comment. This girl has one killer body. Now, this poster was talking about a completely different picture of a completely different woman, but as a description of every single new picture of Renee "Nay" Jones I've seen there, it's perfect. And Nay is so damn perfect I have often wondered whether she actually exists or is a figment of my overactive (not to mention somewhat sordid) imagination. But I can reveal that research strongly suggests that she is, in fact, real. And I've had a fine old time choosing today's selection of pictures, I can tell you!

And check this out, Nay got (back) into the gym after a break-up. I decided I was going to get fit, I was going to get sexy, she says. My body changed really quick. A month or two in and people started to ask me 'Are you about to compete?' See what I mean? Unreal! Though I'd bet good money that her ex is wishing this was all a bad dream...

Of course she did end up competing, initially using a picture of FMS fave Shanique Grant as the goal she would be working towards. She won her first couple of contests in 2015 and then went to the NPC Nationals, finishing 4th. This year, at the IFBB North Americans, she came 7th. I'll say that again. 7th! There were, according to the judges, 6 better Figure physiques than Nay's on stage in the "C" class that day. For real.

I was told I look like the Figure pros and not to change anything, Nay said of the judges' feedback. Eh?! It's easy to see why female competitors get a bit confused from time to time about what it is the NPC/IFBB want, isn't it? I know I'm confused! Happily, Nay seems to have been able to laugh it off though. Guess I was just standing in front of the wrong judge! she told her 250,000+ Instagram followers afterwards.

Nay says she feels sexiest in the gym, in Nike shorts and a sports bra, adding, I don't really like wearing clothes. Wow. Guess the gym she frequents becomes a little more crowded than usual whenever she struts in at her regular time. I know I'd schedule my entire f***ing life around Nay's workout program (seven days a week, by the way) if I was on the same continent. Sadly though, all I get is to look at all the sweaty selfies of Nay wearing outfits tiny and/or tight enough to satisfy her distaste for covering up.

Poor me.

Though there's always consolation. Clips like this one here, for example, featuring the overhead kettlebell squat. My new favourite movement. To watch. Un-REAL!

OK, I'm going to pull myself together for a minute. Nay is originally from Augusta, Georgia (there's another reason to visit the Masters one day), and won a scholarship to her home state university due to her prowess on the track. After an injury ended her track career, she enlisted in the Army, where she spent four years before going back to college to do a degree in Nursing. Now, when she isn't preparing for a contest (at which the judges will rob her), she aims to provide the clients of her personal training business with "motivation and confidence through fitness". Phew! Did it!!!

And I think I'd better leave it there for today, because I sense if I don't this will once more descend into "look at her bum in those leggings" drool swoon swoon drool...


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