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The Schmoe

Today is one of those (all too) rare occasions when I get to plug a fellow female muscle lover's blog. "The Secret World of The Schmoe" is a new and most welcome addition to the literature of female muscle fandom, and an extremely literate one at that.

If you just want pictures, it's probably not for you.

But if you care for something a bit different, for some thought-provoking articles on this life of ours, articles that lack neither honesty nor humour, then look no further. I was impressed enough with the insight and quality of writing to seek to do an interview with its Irish author, and he was kind enough to answer my questions.

FMS: Let's start at the beginning...

The Schmoe: My first experience of muscle? Well, I first got hooked on strength about aged 7 watching repeats of Wonder Woman. When she bent a gun, I was mesmerised. Muscle fetish probably began while spotting bodybuilding contests on Screensport at around the same age.

FMS: I'm meeting more and more female muscle heads online who say they also find male bodybuilders attractive, ie. their attraction is to muscle full stop. What about yourself?

The Schmoe: In terms of my general attraction, it's just women. I'm into all sorts of women physically and emotionally. Although very shy around women I feel attracted to them very easily. Hence when you combine that with muscles, it's like a dream come true. That said, as a sthenolagniac, I find muscles attractive of and by themselves. I don't really see this as controversial. Certainly from my private interactions with guys who like their FBBs huge, most would also find muscles attractive on men. I think it's illogical to say "Oh I love big muscles, but ONLY on men". I mean, at the end of the day, if you took one of the bigger women from the back and took off their bikini, you'd probably struggle to guess if they were male or female. I see my sthenolagnia as separate to my romantic attraction. Take away the muscles and I wouldn't have any interest in men. It's women I'm into, but nice muscles are nice muscles.

FMS: You say on your blog that you're not a fan of "the sport". Has that always been the case, and if not, what turned you off following the competitions?

The Schmoe: I think I might have overstated not being a fan. What I mean is, what appeals to me about bodybuilding is the aesthetic aspect rather than the sporting aspect. I'd watch videos of contests or posing routines, but I wouldn't be focused on who is going to win, it's too subjective. To be honest, when you see the same people win the same contests year after year, be they male or female, I for one smell a rat. So I ignore the competition aspect of it from a fan perspective. To say I don't like the sport of bodybuilding would be an overstatement, but I don't watch it the same way I would watch a Gaelic football match (my favourite team sport) or even a darts match (my favourite individual sport). I don't view it in the same way I view sport, I view it in the way I view theatre.
Now THAT'S what I call "great theatre"!

FMS: Before you were a female muscle blogger you wrote female muscle fiction, I believe.

The Schmoe: To be honest, most of my stories stay in my head. I've always been into writing generally, including muscle fiction, but I have a short attention span. It's a vicious circle because although these stories get me writing, they distract me from conventional writing. There is also a sexual arousal element to my muscle and strength fiction and as I stated in my latest blog post, when your taste in strength and muscle is as extreme as mine, it allows you to transcend the limits of reality, which can be interesting.

FMS: What made you put finger to keyboard and start a blog then?

The Schmoe: I have blogged on other subjects before under my real name. I would never use my real name or any identifiers for this blog as it is intensely private. However, given how much I live in my head with regards to this stuff, I thought there was an opportunity to blog about it. I'm actually a trainee therapist, so without wanting to sound like a cocky arsehole, I think I think about this sort of stuff on a deeper, more intellectual level than some others would. I thought this was a niche to be pursued - the thinking man's schmoe for want of a better term. Yes, OK, I get as horny and as sexual as the next schmoe, but I genuinely try to think about the reasons for my attraction to female muscles and strength - to engage with it. Also I think it's important for lovers of muscle to evaluate ourselves. I hold my hands up and admit that often I see the sexual fantasy, the overwhelming lust and excitement, but there is an athlete and a human being behind those photos that we get so turned on by. I would hate to think that I was ever dismissive of any FBBs.

I cringe sometimes at some of the comments I leave on pics on sites like GWM, but I think sometimes our sexual side takes over. That's why I thought it was important in my posts to emphasise the great athleticism and strength of character of some of these amazing women, many muscle women have had to overcome huge obstacles. By the same token though, I also think it's important to put our hands up and say "Hey, you know what? Our love of muscle women doesn't make us bad people, perverts or some kind of malcontents." I think it is important to show the world that schmoes are capable of engaging intellectually and emotionally with the world of female muscle too.

My message to the ladies out there is just because I might have sexual thoughts and fantasies about you from time to time doesn't mean I don't care what happens to you. I mean sure, your muscles are great, but I genuinely like to know that you are happy and healthy, that this isn't impacting your personal lives too much and to get a glimpse into your personalities. I guess my biggest hope essentially for the blog is for men like me to think of muscle women as more than a picture to be wanked to (not that there is anything wrong with that necessarily) and for them to think of us as more than just a horny, needy guy to put on an act for to get some cash out of. If both schmoes and muscle women could engage with my blog and get a glimpse into each other's worlds, well, I feel I'd have done something right.

FMS: How's that going so far do you think? Hopefully this interview will get you some more readers. Is there a particular post that you'd like to recommend that you think represents your style best?

The Schmoe: I'm happy enough with the blog so far except for the lack of comments on the posts. I know that people are genuinely reading the posts, but I'd like some debate. The article I would point to would definitely be "Love and Lust in the World of the Schmoe".

FMS: Good choice! OK, favourite FBBs.

The Schmoe: My favourite ever would probably be Melissa Coates as she was pre-surgery. For me she is probably the sexiest woman to ever draw breath. There were women with bigger muscles but none with the same balance of Adonis-like bulk and angelic beauty. I won't comment on the surgery, she is an adult, she is entitled to make her own decisions. Sue Price would have been another cracker too. Loads more, but I'd be here all night.

FMS: And now?

The Schmoe: Again, I could be here all day so I'll be disciplined and give a top 3! Heidi Krochter, man she is something else! A tank, but with a great smile, a cheeky personality and a drive that is truly inspiring. Then you have Aleesha Young. What can you say? The woman is just a goddess.

And even though I'd reluctantly put her at number 3, my biggest crush would probably be on Chleo Van Wyk. If you told me I could choose to date one muscle woman and be guaranteed that she'd say "yes", it's Chleo all day long. I mean Jesus her muscles are bordering on the superhuman, and that strength! She could break me in two, but she is just so gloriously cute, you get the impression she prefers to cuddle people than bear hug them. She's a million miles out of my league of course, but you just get the impression she's such a sweetheart that she'd let you down gently.

FMS: Any Irish ladies we should be looking out for?

The Schmoe: You know what? I don't really follow the Irish scene, there's generally not enough muscle in Irish line-ups for my tastes. Fionnula McHale is just a vision from heaven though. Abs you could grate cheese on, the face of a supermodel, and curves in all the right places. Fair to say that if Fionnula doesn't float your boat, you badly need a new boat.

Thanks to The Schmoe for answering my (often very inane) questions!

What are you waiting for? CLICK NOW! The Secret World of the Schmoe

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