Friday, 14 October 2016

I Don't Follow Bikini But...

But when Bikini comes in the form of the amazing Anita Herbert winning at the recent IFBB Fort Lauderdale Cup, I couldn't help but take a passing interest.

Write in and complain about the "downsizing of Female Muscle Slave" if you want, but after you've done that, have a good, hard look at Anita's abs, at Anita's thighs, and at how surprisingly vascular Anita's arms are. Have a good, hard look at the stunning (almost Tigersan-character-like) beauty of this Hungarian-born hardbody. Why not have a good, hard look at NPC News Online's entire gallery of Anita in Fort Lauderdale?

Then you might like to head over to Anita's Instagram.

These Bikini babes these days are at least as big as the majority of FBBs who graced the stage when I first embarked on this life of ours back in the early 80s, and I for one am not complaining about that for a minute. Not when they look like Anita anyway.

My only complaint is that they (like the even bigger Figure beauties) don't get to flex. That and the fact this win qualifies Anita for the 2017 Olympia so it might be almost a year before I get to take a passing interest in new contest pictures of her again.

Or even better than pictures, Anita in motion.

She has a YouTube channel you know. Why not check it out? I guess you probably don't follow Bikini, but really, what's the harm in taking a passing interest?

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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