Sunday, 16 October 2016

Clip of the Week (& Channel of the Year!)


Now in a normal week, this compilation of the best of FMS fave Jessica Williams' Instagram from World of Muscle Girls would be a shoe-in for Clip of the Week, but this has turned out to be far from a normal week. Alerted to a completely different compilation on one of the forums - an edit one of the members rated as "the best collection I've ever seen" - I was so impressed I surmised the creator displayed such craft they must have been in the FBB compilation business for some time.

And I hoped that they still were.

Second time this week my dream has come true!

Gentlemen, I give you the latest slice of fried gold from the genius that is Valya Arn.

Подборка Женщины качки (FLEXING SELECTION)

At the time of writing there were seventeen such quality edits on the channel.

Each is between ten and fifteen minutes long.

Don't forget the fluids now!

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