Saturday, 28 October 2017

Fancy a Date?

Female bodybuilders are competitive chicks who like to be fit and look good even if it means spending countless hours at the gym every single day and not socializing outside of bodybuilding circles, reads the press release. As this sport is an obsession, until recently - unless the men were pumping iron themselves - it was almost impossible to come across them. But all that's changed thanks to Female Bodybuilder Dating, which has vowed to make as many matches with muscle chicks as possible, and finally make dating a female bodybuilder a reality. They might not meet the pros, but they definitely do meet iron chicks next door who make their fantasies come true.
Ashley Dishman probably making someone's fantasy come true

It's a real thing, this Female Bodybuilder Dating "community", and as far as I know, not a new thing at all. Nevertheless, this apparently vigorous marketing campaign - from bitter experience we know that if FMS is getting sent a press release, then they really are sending it to anybody! - is a recent thing. It doesn't take long before they start asking you for some subs, but as far as I (or you, if you're interested) can freely see, the promise of "iron chicks next door" who are seeking is not too far wide of the mark.
Date Night - Victoria Puentes, sadly not your typical "iron chick next door"

And if you should happen to get a match, you might want to drop by the forum whose first rule is before you do go out on that date. One member with (apparently) plenty of FBB dating experience has recently taken to the boards to share his "confessions" regarding relationships he has had with three separate women, met "through Facebook". The first was "her country's top champion for a couple of years", the second also a national champion who "has now won many international competitions", and the third a natural bodybuilder competing at (and winning) international competitions.
"Does my back look big in this?" Kashma (right) and Margita are all about the lats

If you are like me, you will be trying to work out who he is talking about (especially lady #2), but apart from that it is undeniably intriguing stuff as he charts the beginnings, middles and ends of all three relationships and the lessons he has learned as a result. Look for "How to Date FBBs - Confessions" in the General Chat section.
Tigress to impress - Diana Schnaidt

You may also, like me, skim through the courtship blurb and go straight to the "SEX" section, where you will find all your fantasy suspicions confirmed. Sex with #1, his first experience with a female bodybuilder, remember, was "mind-blowing". #2 was "a dream come true" who "loved being on top and flexing for me", while #3 was "a screaming tigress in bed" who wanted it "long and hard" to such an extent that it wasn't too long before he was having to take Cialis for "the stamina I needed to satisfy".
Up close and personal with Maz Burns' bicep

Ultimately, however, his conclusion is a somewhat disheartening one for those of you who are desperately seeking. This [third, most] long-term relationship lasted a couple of years and gave me the full experience of being the partner of an FBB, he says. Whilst at times exhilarating and fulfilling in many ways, it led me to the conclusion that it would be better if any future long-term partner of mine was not an FBB.
Moving out? Ashley Hromyak

You might find his stories lead you to the same conclusion, but you might also find, as I do, that his reasoning is a tad flawed. His posts are considerably more interesting than the usual dross served up on those boards, and much appreciated for that, but his (and similar accounts I have read over the years) never end well, and the blame for that tends to be laid at the woman's door every time, while in my (not inconsiderable) experience of relationships, the opposite is almost always true. Relationships end because men (whether they admit or are even aware of it or not) want them to.
They do normal stuff too, right? But Kayleigh Farrell carries more than the average female

Are relationships with female bodybuilders - fantasy sex aside! - really so different? Only one way to find out for sure, and that would start with a date. Female Bodybuilder Dating want to help. Our friend from the forum recommends Facebook. You might also consider the more radical idea of joining a serious gym and being serious about it.
Angelica Enberg - note she's in a gym

That is, after all, what the female bodybuilders themselves recommend!
And Kristen Nun - in a GYM

I wish you luck.

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