Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A Tale of Two Ginas (And a Kristen)

There are two reasons why I got curious as to what one of my (and many others') all-time favourites was up to these days. We've only really featured her once on the blog, and that was way back in 2012, when we left her approaching her mid-40s working as a trainer in Oklahoma City. She's still got it, we reported. She still has sex appeal in spades, and rumour has it her man is a lot younger than her. I am not surprised.


Her name is Gina...

And the first reason why I started thinking about her again is that I came across a pic of the very sexy Crossfitter Kristen Graham and it struck me how much like Gina she looked - in that photo at least. Perhaps it's not the most uncanny resemblance you've ever seen, but nevertheless it had me getting onto the forums in search of recent Gina.

imagebam.com imagebam.com

Just me?

Anyway, I did find some recent pics. 2017, posted during the summer and very early autumn. That "a lot younger" man doesn't feature, sadly for him, but quite a few other men do, one in particular who Gina is obviously responsible for. They may be a little closer than your average trainer-client, but I'm just assuming that, probably because I can imagine nothing better than having my body sculpted by one of the sexiest women ever to walk the Earth into the kind of body she would find impossible to resist.

imagebam.com imagebam.com

Looks like it's a winning body too.

And Gina has also apparently had some success with at least one of her lady clients.

imagebam.com imagebam.com

This is hardly surprising.

Her own body - she'll be 48 in November - is perhaps not quite as sexy (to me at least) as it was in, say, 2005, but that chassis makes for quite a calling card nevertheless. Gina remains one of the hottest women with muscle around, despite having been off the stage for a good few years now, notes one forum poster. She looks a lot younger than she is, which is a testament to her genetics, and her training regime and diet.


And perhaps a little of the other.

And why not? Anybody who's a fan of female muscle and on a search for a "natural look" is going to spend a lot of their time complaining. Gina hardly looked "natural" back in 2005 and nor does she now, and I am having just as much trouble keeping both of my hands above the table to type this as I did when I put together that 2012 post.


Age shall not wither her, etc.

Only make her stronger, it seems. An Alpha female is an Alpha female whatever she's doing at whatever age, and make no mistake, Gina is an Alpha and then some.


So, what was the other reason I had Gina on my mind?

Well, I am currently in the process of recruiting a new office administrator. I have ten CVs on my desk right now - the short list. One of them belongs to a young lady called Gina Davis. For real. She's not the most qualified for the job, but then again she's not the least qualified either. And you know what? I may actually be that mischievous.

imagebam.com imagebam.com

In fact I totally am.

On occasion in the past I had a bit of fun telling people (if they asked) that my dream woman was Gina Davis. Without exception they assumed I was talking about Thelma from Thelma & Louise - Geena Davis - and I never corrected them. I think it might well be even more fun to say to myself, quite truthfully, that Gina Davis works for me!


I may be disappointed though.

In my head, this new Gina Davis looks a lot like Kristen Graham!

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