Monday, 9 October 2017

Tube of the Week


We've been fans of Hevumisa's edits for a good few years now, and though the average size of the "girls" at the Arnold Europe Expo (as well as those at FIBO, the other event he annually attends) is not what it was when he started posting his edits, the quality of his camerawork remains staggeringly steady. This autumn, he once again travelled to Barcelona (a Barcelona no doubt alive with talk of independence - for better or much much worse at the moment, big events seem to be taking place at venues recently used for Bodybuilding shows), and shot his precious footage for our viewing pleasure.

This year he appears to have found himself a brand new female muscle muse. Irene Tristante is the 2016 Spanish Physique champ, and as well as appearing from the 1.40 mark in this clip, Hevumisa has made her an edit of her very own, which you can view here. Previous muses who have had their own Hevumisa tributes include Zsuzsanna Toldi, Miriam Sanchez, Rakel Ramos, and most notably and often, Joanna Romano. Joanna does make a brief appearance in this one (5.15), and also appearing (and identifiable by me) are Regiane Da Silva and one of our favourite Olympian Figure phenoms, Jessica Reyes Padilla, who has some sexy moves.

Enough of my yakking. Enjoy!

Hevumisa's full archive on YouTube.

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