Wednesday, 17 January 2018

I Just Popped Out For...

... an eyeful of muscular womanhood at the supermarket(?!)

Well, at least the Heavyweight-below-the-waist version purveyed by Mia Sand.

The forums abound with stories of heads coming across big, strong, beautiful women at retail outlets. I seem to recall rather a lot of them take place at DIY (hardware) stores - "she was waiting in line at the checkout, casually holding an entire flat-packed office suite under one mighty arm". Encounters at chemists (drugstores) seem to be common too, which I suppose makes sense - they must take some legal drugs! One tale on the forum whose first rule is... ends up with the lady marrying the (charming, witty, not at all Madness-stricken) head she met one night in the queue for prescriptions.

But if the images FMS has managed to source for this post are anything to go by, your local equivalent of Tesco, Morrisons or the Co-op is where it's at. And surprisingly, you don't have to confine your search to the meat and veg aisles either. The lady might well be shopping for a cheat/treat on the evidence we have. Chocolate?! Wine?! Cake?! Maybe it's only worth a photo on such rare occasions - the weekly loading of enough chicken breast, broccoli and eggs to feed the five thousand into the trolley ain't.

Dare you ask for a flex?

Neither Michelle Vjacobo (left), nor Ria Ward look like they are backward in coming forward to show it off. For one thing those are outfits guaranteed to draw attention in a supermarket-based environment (or indeed any environment), they haven't come all hooded and covered to quickly shop and go, have they?

Dare you ask for a cheeky abs flash?

From my own experience, the only prerequisite for The Madness to descend is that I see a lady with ANY amount of muscle - they needn't be a full-grown FBB (I'd probably spontaneously combust if this ever happened). So Susanne Kleven (above) or Jessica Morgan Canty's ripped abs exhibitionism would be more than enough.

I couldn't even begin to imagine how I'd react in this scenario...

I find it hard to understand why there isn't a line of dudes, tongues hanging out, tentpoles at full mast, shuffling behind her, following her everywhere she goes?

Seriously though, happy hunting but don't go all stalky.

However hard it may be.


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