Monday, 15 January 2018

The Chance Encounter

OK, you've got 25 seconds to decide what to do and/or say.



Come up with any bon mots?

No, me neither.

And Lola Montez was very much in slow motion right there. Real time would have given you even less chance. And let's face it, you were hardly under pressure, were you? I mean, Lola's not REALLY sashaying down the street towards you, is she? What would you do then? What, if you were indeed capable of speech at all, would you say?

I console myself with the knowledge I am not alone.

Pics and vids is one thing, says one fellow head. Seeing them right in front of you is entirely another. Sightings in the gym are most common, and while they are always awesome occasions, they are definitely the least exhilarating. Nothing compares to a chance encounter in public. Exhilarating in the extreme. Muscle ladies get my heart pumping for sure, confides another. My breath gets short and I cannot take my eyes off of them. The desire is simply overwhelming. Ah yes! The Madness. On the extremely rare occasions that I actually see a true female bodybuilder (even at the figure level) in public, it's like my body goes into red alert and I'm stuck on that moment for at least the next couple days. It's like seeing a unicorn. Well put, sir!

Unless you live in Miami or some such and it's an every day kind of thing.

Or maybe not.

A muscle woman is something I can't prep for. It's one thing seeing hundreds of gorgeous legs, chests, glutes onscreen. I could see the same woman through hundreds of different pictures, or a dozen videos. Nothing ever readies you for when you see her in the flesh. It's the difference between watching a video of a rollercoaster, and physically RIDING one. For me, just seeing one is like an epiphany, and all attempts at maintaining my gentlemanly dignity dissolve to mush as my mouth hangs open, my eyes bulge wide, my breathing gets laboured.

Perhaps we'd be better having our chance encounter elsewhere.

Public transport, perhaps?

I mean, at least the book might give us a conversation starter, and for the time being Tina's not going anywhere, so you don't have to worry about thinking that fast.

Although I'm curious how you'd start a conversation while the object of your desire (that's Melissa Wee on the left, by the way) is using said transport as a mobile gym...

All those muscles in constant motion...

Or indeed if (like "Elana", right) she is in a female-only section of the tube!

When I see a very muscular woman, which is very rare, I lose control. I'm so attracted to the bulk, shapes, veins, and muscle that my heart races. I often, if on foot, will change direction just to see if what I'm seeing is actually what I'm seeing.

Clocking those legs on the tube only to find out they belong to the new girl in HR.

Cue not-so-chance encounters on a daily (sometimes thrice-daily) basis...

The ultimate ecstasy, or the ultimate torture?!

Kicking off 2018 properly with a week of Muscle in Public on FMS.

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  1. I had two fleeting public encounters, one with a deceased bodybuilder and one with a former fitness competitor. They were separate occurrences while I was standing behind each in a checkout counter line. The bodybuilder was Mishay Santos and she wore cutoff jean shorts, as I recall. This was in the early 1990s and she had incredible legs which were quite evident, and the rest of her wasn't bad either, lol. Many years later I stood behind fitness woman Timea Majorova in another line. She wore workout clothes, but you could tell she was very fit. Both sightings remain indelible.

    1. I bet! Wow that is not a bad double!!! Shame Mishay Santos died too young. Amazing you saw her in the flesh. Timea was (is?) a true fitness beauty.
      Thank you for sharing! And reading!)

  2. Swell... the Madness is well known and lived my man. So much so I just gots to talk about it in my tracks for Black Asgardians!

    Thanks for 7 years of an amazing blog! Also, check out Bed Breakers!