Saturday, 27 January 2018

January Clearance! [S-U]

"Too many to feature here" is a phrase I seem to have typed a lot over the past year, referring to the vast number of women and/or images the female muscle head is faced with in these instant information times. On the upside, you never go short. The downside for the blogger is there are far too many to feature here - there I go again.

It felt wrong just to forget about the women we intended to feature at some stage during 2017 but didn't. Firstly, the fact they have come to our attention at all is the result of some pretty solid sifting by the FMS research team, and it would just be plain rude to ignore all that hard work. And secondly, it's not the case that we once thought these women were worth posting about and don't anymore - we still do.

The solution we came up with is The FMS January Clearance - we're going to feature all the women who are taking up space in the "TBC" folder on the 2017 planner. And you're getting them all together in a sort of but not really alphabetical order (you'll see what I mean). Further your enjoyment by clicking on the names.

Five beautiful bods a day for seven days. Have fun!


We've seen some Figure ladies with outstanding arm development already this week, but perhaps Kal Sheppard's arms are the most outstandingly developed of them all.

Kal (short for Kalli, apparently) competes in the CBBF, and has made little impression in terms of contest results thus far. Nevertheless, with those arms and those looks, she's gained plenty of attention and has already been snapped by schmotographer Rick Oliver for HerBiceps - which she described as "the most amazing experience".

Expect to see a lot more of her - on the schmotography sites and forums - in 2018.

As names go, this next one's a doozy...


And so, it seems, is the name's owner, a recently-carded IFBB Figure pro and mother from Nevada. I’m not much of a talker, she says. So I let my shirts do it for me.

Very eloquent they are too.

And her taste in Halloween costumes isn't too shabby either!


From Germany, another Figure lady with, as a forum champion of hers points out, "a super V-shape" and much more besides. Too many tats for some, I'm sure, but not too many to prevent her placing 4th in her class at last year's Deutsche Meisterschaft.

If her transformation pics on her IG are anything to go by, it's taken her the best part of five years to achieve her impressively wide-narrow-wide physique, and her many HD workout clips are as exciting as any I've seen recently - she gets quite the pump on.



Our next never-before-posted-on-FMS beauty comes to us from the never-before-reported-on-FMS world of Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling via a more recent foray into Figure competition. Mandy, in her wrestling days when perhaps she wasn't a wrestler but a "valet" (whatever that is, I really don't know what I'm talking about here) went by the name "Goddess Mandy", a moniker she still uses for her social media.

She seems to either be leaving or actually to have left her wrestle game days behind her now, and she competed, as far as I know, in both Canada and the US last year, not placing very high but certainly coming away more determined to make her mark in Figure. Can't wait to pack on the gains and blow this chick out of the water next year! she wrote as she entered her 2017/18 off-season. Operation build a back 2.0 is already in full swing. I won't rest until my weaknesses become my strengths.

Not averse to showing it off in its entirety, if some of her racier IG posts are anything to go by. Maybe we should be paying more attention to what is going on in the ECCW...


Seems another world we have neglected is that of Mongolian Female Bodybuilding.

Uuugii Gambagaa is its leading light by some distance.

The blood of the Great Khan pulses in there somewhere for sure!

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