Monday, 22 January 2018

January Clearance! [A-D]

"Too many to feature here" is a phrase I seem to have typed a lot over the past year, referring to the vast number of women and/or images the female muscle head is faced with in these instant information times. On the upside, you never go short. The downside for the blogger is there are far too many to feature here - there I go again.

It felt wrong just to forget about the women we intended to feature at some stage during 2017 but didn't. Firstly, the fact they have come to our attention at all is the result of some pretty solid sifting by the FMS research team, and it would just be plain rude to ignore all that hard work. And secondly, it's not the case that we once thought these women were worth posting about and don't anymore - we still do.

The solution we came up with is The FMS January Clearance - we're going to feature all the women who are taking up space in the "TBC" folder on the 2017 planner. And you're getting them all together in a sort of but not really alphabetical order (you'll see what I mean). Further your enjoyment by clicking on the names.

Five beautiful bods a day for seven days. Have fun!


Angela may be familiar because she got a fair bit of attention on the forums last year after switching from a natural federation to the NPC. She debuted at the Kentucky Muscle show and outclassed a (surprisingly large) field to take the Overall title. She also produced an IG clip dubbed the "Sexiest Ab Flex in the World". Want to see it?


No f***ing way! is what we everyone says the first time we see beautiful Blakelee's behemoth (allegedly 16") biceps, but unless this "aspiring physique competitor" from Alabama is doctoring every single one of her IG photos, they're real enough.

"You look like a man." "You’re getting too big." "Gross." These are all comments I’ve heard, says Blakelee, and will probably continue to hear. But I never have and never will let comments like this get me down or make me reconsider my passion for bodybuilding. They only let me know I’m right where I need to be!

Nice. She'd be properly scary if she wasn't so damn cute.


Christina is a prime example of a woman we really wanted to post, but whose bio we couldn't quite get down, and her past remains murky to us still. She'll be back on the blog at some stage, but for now we'll share the little we do know about this beauty.

She's originally from Estonia, but now calls Britain home (see? She's got the T-shirt to prove it) and has ruled Masters Bodyfitness in the North-east for the last couple of years, winning back-to-back UKBFF titles. She was 5th in her category at the British Championships in 2016, but (we think she competed) didn't make the top 6 last year.

Forum heads like the veins on her arms. A lot. And it seems some people - "afonsoqf", for example - like her abs a lot too. Seriously, I could be a millionaire, says Christina.


Don't be fooled by the young Colette Nelson looks (or just me?) or the exotic (Mexican, it turns out) location, "jungle gym" personal trainer Katie is one of ours too.

To say that these beach workout pics caused a bit of a sensation on the forums when they went up would be an understatement. I would not be at all surprised if business at the Tulum resort where Katie plies her trade suddenly got noticeably brisker than normal on or around December 10th as heads booked up their 2018 summer hols.

Bed, board and a daily session with Ms Davies? Yes f***ing please!


She hasn't competed since 2016, but Lacey likes a flex, so despite being "only" a Bikini competitor, she's well worth a mention even before you consider she is a past "Best Abs in Expo" winner at the Arnolds, a talent search winner, and she's got her own podcast. Nearly 350,000 IG followers too. And all this while working through college. We hope she'll be back on stage breaking those Bikini rules again in 2017.

Five more of 2017's left unposted tomorrow.

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  1. If Blakelee is getting comments like "You look like a man." "You’re getting too big." "Gross." then there's a problem with the commenter not her. She's lightly muscled, athletic looking and there's no problem with that. Could be other young girls saying those stupid comments.