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January Clearance! [V-Z]

"Too many to feature here" is a phrase I seem to have typed a lot over the past year, referring to the vast number of women and/or images the female muscle head is faced with in these instant information times. On the upside, you never go short. The downside for the blogger is there are far too many to feature here - there I go again.

It felt wrong just to forget about the women we intended to feature at some stage during 2017 but didn't. Firstly, the fact they have come to our attention at all is the result of some pretty solid sifting by the FMS research team, and it would just be plain rude to ignore all that hard work. And secondly, it's not the case that we once thought these women were worth posting about and don't anymore - we still do.

The solution we came up with is The FMS January Clearance - we're going to feature all the women who are taking up space in the "TBC" folder on the 2017 planner. And you're getting them all together in a sort of but not really alphabetical order (you'll see what I mean). Further your enjoyment by clicking on the names.

Welcome to our final selection!


I do remember Vika almost making it onto the blog last spring, when just before she took 3rd at the European Championships a plethora of pics went up on the forums of her looking very hard and veiny. Throw in a few clips of Vika teasing us with her charms, and the combination of freaky vascularity and "irresistible girliness" was the cue for a mini fan hysteria, which, although brief, was hysteria nonetheless.

Despite appearances to the contrary though, the 2016 Ukrainian Bodyfitness champ is quite a bit more womanly than you might think, and is in fact going to be 30 this year.

Vika certainly seems to love showing it off, and that confidence (/arrogance) is also apparent in her contest shots, I think. She looks very comfortable and very happy up there. You wouldn't know the Europeans was her first international competition.


Good Venezuelan news stories have been hard to come by in the last year, but for Wendy Granados, 2017 was as good as it gets. She was South American Bodyfitness champ as long ago as 2014, but in 2017 she added three more titles to her collection, including the Overall titles at the NAC and Amateur Olympia South America.

The above was FMS' introduction to Wendy, and the staff toilet was a tad busy for a while after it did the office rounds. Just another reminder that I will probably get arrested for indecent exposure if I ever get to stroll along a South American beach.

An essential IG follow.


Another Figure competitor, and another different look.

Krista actually came pretty close to winning a pro card in 2016 with a 3rd place at the Jr USAs. Despite winning her class at the amateur show that takes place around the Tampa Pro, she only just made the top 6 at the IFBB North Americans in 2017.

Still, when your transformation story is as complete as Krista's, every day must feel like a win. Three years it has taken her to go from the lady on the left to the goddess on the right. And she's not finished yet. I love the sport even more now than I did when it was all brand new and exciting, she says. And my goals are so much bigger now!


Another of the seemingly endless supply of muscular Hungarian women who come to our attention through the work of the mighty Zoltan Veigh, Yvette Agocs has only recently started to crop up on the forums, and we know next to nothing about her.

But we do like the direction she's heading in!


Our 35th and final never-seen-before-on-FMS tribute is to the Physique dream and EVLS Prague Amateur champ Olha (or Olya or Olga) Zhelamska (or Zhelamskaya) (depending on where you are searching - such confusion is exactly the sort of thing that prevents us bringing you women like Olha/Olya/Olga sooner you know).

She is, we think, originally from Russia but is now pumping away in Czechia (perhaps the name change(s) have something to do with that. Although the EVLS was by far the biggest win of her career to date, she's been competing for at least 8 years, which is not hard to believe looking at her very meaty and well-balanced physique.

A beautiful way to end the week.

And, unfortunately, to end daily posting for a while. Work commitments have been piling up so FMS will be a little irregular for the time being - hopefully not too long.

But that doesn't mean you'll be completely FMS-less. Watch out for the odd post, including a very important one on 1st February which you won't want to miss.

Thank you all for your continuing support!

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