Saturday, 30 May 2015

BODYBUILDER! Pic of the Week

Sp this gem of a picture pops upon my Instagram feed last week and I'm just transfixed, I just can't stop looking at the SIZE of Shannon's arms, the sheer VOLUME of those MUSCLES. So HUGE do they seem that I swear I actually gulped - not in my head, I actually, physically gulped - at the sight of those BICEPS, those TRICEPS, those FOREARMS! It's a feeling I remember from my teens, going weak at the knees as I turn the pages of WPW, overcome at the sight of such BIG, POWERFUL, PUMPED UP bodies.

Days passed. I couldn't get the picture out of my head. I kept returning to gaze and gawp again, addicted to the rush. I noticed there was another woman in the picture, I wondered if it was just an optical illusion, if they were just in a really really small car...

And then Shannon started talking to me.

Hey! You love this feeling, don't you? To be so overwhelmed by such BIG, STRONG MUSCLES. I know you're overwhelmed by these MUSCLES right now, and I know you love it. Don't you think it's time you got some real women on that stoopid blog of yours? Real BIG overwhelming BODYBUILDERS with BIG, PUMPED UP MUSCLES.

Shannon, friend and car - the whole damn picture - zoomed away off my screen...

I want that feeling. I want to be overcome, overwhelmed again, to feel the rush I once felt as I turned - dry-mouthed, heart racing, loins aflame - the pages of WPW. Only BODYBUILDERS - BIG, STRONG FEMALE BODYBUILDERS - can give me that rush, BIG FREAKY FEMALE BODYBUILDERS covered with BIG, PUMPED UP MUSCLES.

All week long.



  1. She looks like she could tear that wheel off witthout even trying...

  2. She could tear a lot of things off...!