Sunday, 31 May 2015

BODYBUILDER! Training Cross

OK, you're going to have to bear with me today a little, because although you are reading this on Sunday 31st May (or later), I'm actually writing it on the evening of Friday 29th. So you may feel like you're in a bit of a time warp. Or something.

Normally when I write posts in advance, it doesn't really matter, but most of this post is about how excited I am about tomorrow's Omaha Pro show, which was yesterday's from your point of view. So you can see how confusing this has the potential to get!

Anyway, the fact that the show represents the first chance this year to see some of the cream of professional female bodybuilding on stage would be reason enough to get excited. One commentator has looked at the ten-strong field and seen evidence of the end for women's bodybuilding, but not me, not when the ten include Mmmmonique Jones, the Vesuvial Margie Martin, Britain's own Rene Campbell, the ever wonderful Christine Envall, and the pro debut (I think) of Angela Rayburn.

As if that wasn't enough to get my mouth watering, there on the competitor list was Britain's golden girl Lisa Cross as well. Regular readers will know that Lisa doesn't have to be competing to get me excited, but in the last few days what she's been posting on her Facebook has ramped my excitement levels all the way up to DEFCON 1.

Now THAT'S what a female bodybuilder looks like!

Last workout before carbing back up those empty muscles, Lisa tells us. Funnily enough though, the last word I would ever have thought of using to describe those muscles would be "empty". It seriously looks as though the inside of her body has decided it wants to know what it's like to be on the other side of her skin. Those muscles look plenty full to me, full of the blood pumping through them, carried by the thick vascular tributaries running from her armpits right up to her wrists. What a pump like that must feel like I can only imagine, but it sure is very VERY exciting to see.

I've seen a few pictures of Lisa in my time, but I get the distinct impression that this one will still be exciting me for many many years to come. It's an instant classic, one of those "iconic" images of female muscle we've discussed on FMS passim.

And also previously on FMS, we saw Lisa hooking up with Alina Popa for a dinner date at last year's Ms Olympia. And here they are together again, this time at Heather Policky's ex's gym in Colorado. Having a great time with my coach the great Alina Popa, says Lisa. [She's] pushing me further and further every day.

This last year with Alina has been an education and an absolute pleasure. Not many people get to work with the people that actually inspired them into the sport. The first time I saw Alina was back in 2007 and I was blown away by her physique on stage so much so that I actually bought the video of the show. Eight years later she is still inspiring me and pushing me further than I ever thought possible.

And the results speak for themselves.

You bet I'm looking forward to seeing Lisa (and the other nine PROPER bodybuilders) on stage at the Omaha Pro! Or rather I was, from your point of view. She may not be the pre-show favourite - Mmmmonique's contest-winning pedigree makes her the smart choice for first place I would guess - but I'm hoping for great things for the bigger and better, hotter and harder Popa-trained Lisa. Both in Omaha this weekend and beyond.


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