Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Joy of Ella (Part 2)


Last Saturday, FMS reported that that very day in Toronto, abs goddess Eleonora Dobrinina would be competing in Physique for the very first time. Well, this week congratulations are in order because she only went and FREAKING WON.

She confessed she "was crying like crazy" for much of the day, overwhelmed by the messages of support she was receiving from all over the world, and "blasted" that so many people had approached her and told her they were fans and followers of hers.

They were, like the tears that flowed after she had been presented with the trophy, tears of joy. [I am] speechless, she said after the show. So glad I finally found my organization and category where I belong. And she's already talking about the next show she's planning to take by storm - in Halifax, Nova Scotia in three weeks time.
Before, backstage and after: all made up and ready to go; flexing off with a Starbucks barista;
backstage with fellow Physique competitor Mandy Squires; and Ella and admirer after the show.

You can watch Ella's routine in full on her Facebook page.

Enjoy! And again congratulations to Ella!

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