Saturday, 16 May 2015

Her Abs: The Joy of Ella

Just can't get enough of last [pre-contest] phase... I bet you all excited as well when you see how lean you can be when you getting close to your show!!! Why we all love ice cream and cookies what actually keep us away from this awesomeness!!! Enjoy your weekend people and don't cheat a lot!!! Remember it's ruining your hard work.

Today, Eleonora Dobrinina will take the stage in Toronto. Previously a WBFF competitor, she has abandoned that federation after a) being told she had "too much muscle" for a Fitness competitor and then b) discovering the WBFF had scrapped Figure class at the show she was planning to do. Consequently, today will be her Physique division debut, and and her first time at an IFBB affiliated show.

I've been following her preparation rather closely in the last few weeks, glued to her Instagram, or, as one of our FMS associates calls it, her "stream of joy".

Now I wouldn't for a minute pretend that the main reason why Ella's stream is so joyful is that I'm an abs man (there, I said it!) and there are not too many sets of abs around that can match Ella's perfect midsection in contest-prep mode, as, I'm sure you will agree, the above clip (from her stream of joy of course) perfectly demonstrates.

But there is more to my (considerable) enjoyment of of all those utterly beautiful abdominal muscles emerging as Ella has been dieting than the (considerable) aesthetic appeal. Following her journey to today's show has provided a daily reminder of some of the other, less discussed reasons why I, you, and hundreds of thousands of other men and women so adore and admire women who, like Ella, devote their time and energy into sculpting their bodies into such extreme, heavenly forms.

You have to read what Ella writes about each of the pictures, but if you can bring yourself to wrench your gaze away from her stunning muscles for the time it takes to do so, you'll find that Ella reveals in her comments that she has all of the total disregard for societal norms - and her single-minded pursuit of those non-conformist goals. She has the pride in the body she has created, and at times this pride becomes arrogance. And, in spades, she has the unashamed exhibitionism. And these, along with her (considerable) aesthetic appeal, add up and create such an intoxicating effect.

Well, at least that's what it does for me!


Today one of those days ..when my hunger doesn't even let me sleep last night... which means I was dead in the gym. BUT I KILLED IT!!! I push myself and did my homework. BACK & shoulders done! Of course checking my abs even that I feel like shit, my veins telling me that I'm on point! 5 weeks to Go!!!

Holy shit Batman!!! At my mom place and it's such a great lighting even me was like holy fakkkk want to share with you!!! Enjoy your Sunday. Stay freaking motivated!

For those females who was so nervous and complaining how I train with such short shorts!!! I am actually doing big favour for those who want to see what group of muscle I train on my leg day to show how it's working!!! So just let you know I usually wear these pants!!! And from now just to avoid any stress I will wear them all the time and no more videos of me doing legs exercises with shorts! Weight from 145lbs drop to 139lbs... I am still alive and it's cool hahaha... Calipers show 0%.

Have an 8 pack! Last two never was popping!!! But this time they are there!!! Holy shittteee! Looks like I'm bringing my best shape everrrrrr!!! Just chilling... and of course at home I don't hesitate wearing only bikini and bra. *!SWOOOON!*

Simply hate to be like everybody else since I was kid I hate it!!! I always did something to be extraordinary and I always will continue to do so!!! I AM LIVING MY LIFE EVERY DAY, AS IF IT'S MY LAST. I know I'm not the only one who thinks the way I'm thinking and when those people cross my path I admire them a lot!!! Because a lot of people wish to be this way, but ONLY FEW can do so!!!

Don't count tonight it's almost over... Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 3 days and I finally step on stage!!! I was waiting for sooo long!!! More than one year like I didn't step on stage. FINALLY I am going to! I love competing I love just being on stage and happy. I made the right choice. Physique all the way!

We wish Ella every happiness on that stage today.

Ella's other streams of joy are her Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

It's good to be back. And though we can't promise you the joy of abs quite as perfect as Ella's, we can promise you lots and lots of them all week this week on FMS.

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