Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Her Abs: 6x6

De La Soul taught us that 3 is The Magic Number, and far be it from me to contradict that, but for an old abs fan like me, 3 just won't cut it (get it?). I need 6. At least!

And thankfully, there are more than a few wonderful women out there who agree, and who absolutely will not stop until they have achieved that perfect number.

Today, FMS brings you just 6 of those many wonderful women.


Some up-and-coming muscle women take a while to grab the collective attention, some cause a stir almost immediately. And then there are those who set the forum boards aflame and make the female muscle lovin' world go completely mental at first sight. Canada's Natasha Aughey is most definitely one of the latter category. Since around the middle of last year the brethren have been falling over themselves for this "beautifully sculptured" 22-year-old. We've marvelled at her Wonder Woman shower curtain (get it?!), we've swooned at her "Liv Tyler if Liv Tyler worked out" looks...

Interestingly, she rarely takes a selfie that shows off her tattoo, in fact she seems a little self-conscious about it. Not saying that's a good or bad thing, nor that the tattoo is good or bad - just saying it's interesting. I wonder why Natasha feels the need to (usually) snap herself from an angle that hides it. Mmmm, she's mysterious too...

Her midsection is developing just as fast as the rest of her is (the above pic is the most recent), but obviously we're just teasing a little bit here. There is very much more of Natasha to enjoy than her work-in-progress abs - not least her eye-popping thighs and her fine, flowing dark locks (and that shower curtain!) - so you'll probably want to drop by her Instagram at some stage to get a fuller picture of this future goddess. And for those who like to know all the stats, she also has a Bodyspace profile. And you can bet your mortgage there'll be more Natasha coming your way on FMS very very soon.


Flex vs. No Flex

We noted on Monday that whatever you might think about the division, a Bikini competitor's abs can be mightily impressive. Frida Paulsen provides yet more evidence. She's Sweden's most successful Bikini athlete, having won the Loaded Cup and Swedish Grand Prix titles already in 2015. "Flex" is on the left, by the way.


Next up, FMS' favourite Colombian-Trinidadian Bikini athlete, and her abdominal progress. Above, the muscle (and those veins) have started to emerge...

Deeper cuts. You can see the obliques (and even more of those lovely veins) now...

And soon afterwards, well, just in time for her photo shoot anyway, there they are in all their six-pack glory. She can't stop looking at them (or at least that's exactly the impression the photographer wants to give us), and to be honest, neither can I!


At last!

I tucked these two divine images into the "Who Is?" folder (along with a few others of the same woman) some time last year. It's taken a while to put a name to the (drop dead gorgeous) face and (volcanically hot) muscular body but last week I was finally able to do so, and it's Brooke Walker, Miss Arkansas Women's Physique 2014.

She also competed in August last year at the North Americans, finishing third in her class. And if she looks a little on the lean side for a Physique competitor, well, that may be because as little as five months previously she had been competing in the Bikini division. And if you think that's impressive progress, take a look at her now...

Brooke, who's originally from Texas, will turn 25 in July. She has her own website and she's on Instagram. And you might also want to check out a workout and interview clip made a week before she competed (in Bikini) at the 2014 Arnold Amateur.


Apparently, this beautiful vision of beauty and muscle is Aliona Meriacri. Sounds exotic, doesn't she? I believe she is based in the US, possibly Florida or possibly wherever Burlington is, but I'm really not in the mood for digging right now, all I want to do is have a good long hard look at Aliona and those killer abs of hers.

Here she is, strong legs gripping the punchbag tight and working her sexy midsection. Up and down she goes, her abs fuller and harder with each full, slow movement...

And here she is later, abs flex and hand bra. It's Aliona's softer, more sensual side all right, but there's nothing soft at all about that sensationally sexy six-pack. I may not know where she's from, whether she competes, if she has a Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, or anything in fact. But I do know what I like, and Aliona is it.


And we leave you up close and personal with La Zardon.

More abs tomorrow. Enjoy!

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