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Meat Feast: Helle Trevino @RP2016

The problem with doing a preview and a review, the editor said as I passed him the file of images I had selected for this post, is that you end up writing about the same woman just a few days after you've just written... Faced with the first of those images his voice tailed of and his eyes widened. Good Lord! He was barley audible, as though the exclamation had been made by his breath. Look at her... Magnificent...

Easy then to convince the editor that "Beastqueen" Helle Trevino deserved another post to herself so soon after she'd gone 50:50 with Alana Shipp in Contenders? but harder for one of the RP judges to convince him (or me, or what seems to be a majority of fans who've commented on the subject) that 4th was the right placing for her.
Helle, front & centre - 2nd callout

The picture of the second callout and the short clip of the first on the WoS Facebook page were among the very first images I saw of the show last weekend. I noted that Helle appeared in both, which I found a little confusing as it led me to conclude that she was not going to do better than 4th. Images of Helle in the run-up to RP2016 as well as comments that were being made by fans at the show on various muscle and female muscle forums had led me to expect she could expect better.

Helle is in BEASTMODE! Looks like her best shape ever!

DAMN!!!! Helle looks amazing!!!!

Helle is looking really good in my opinion. Amazing condition.

Just give her the check, title to the jeep, the trophy & call it a day.

Now I'm not saying these chaps (and chapesses, at least one of them is a chapess - see if you can guess which one?!) are any more qualified as judges than I am, I'm just making the point that there was a general belief that Helle was, at first sight, at least in contention for the crown. And when that was nixed as the results came through...

There is no f***ing way Helle got 4th place!!!! etc. etc.

Helle made damn sure she was front and centre during the posedown. By that stage, I would imagine, she knew she wasn't going to repeat her runner's-up placing from last year - but she was determined to give the fans, and the judges, a right eyeful of her magnificent physique before the news became official. See Margie slapping Helle's beefy hamstrings and feeling up her mighty quads towards the end of the clip.

Margie knows quality muscle meat when she sees it.

(And if you play the clip at quarter speed, it lasts the best part of four minutes!)

She's been quiet on social media since the show - she wasn't last year, which suggests to me that she is, perhaps, feeling a tad deflated, though I imagine it will take a lot longer to actually deflate those incredible muscles! The only thing she's posted since she was in her hotel room after pre-judging is a stage shot of her in what has become a bit of a signature pose and the message to her followers to "always reach for the stars".

If, after a week or so perhaps, she still needs cheering up she should just look at the (few) images by Muscle Photography and the (many) others by FTVideo of herself on stage in Scottsdale. I keep saying "magnificent" because, just as it did to my editor, it's the word that keeps coming to me when I look at those images. She is a veritable meat feast for the eyes. Everywhere you look - and it's hard to know where to start and where to look next - you see nothing but great slabs of prime female muscle.

Sometimes I come across pictures of women at contests past and marvel at their magnificent bodies. I don't care where they placed, not immediately anyway, I just want to collect as many images of them from that show as I can. And many years from now I expect a female muscle fan of the future will come across one of these pictures of Helle at RP2016 and do exactly the same. And they won't care where she placed in this show either, they'll just begin a frenzied search for more more more...

I can't help feeling that the second chapter of Helle's career hasn't quite reached its peak just yet, I wrote in that recent RP2016 preview post, and that if anyone other than Margie is capable of upsetting the expected coronation of Alina Popa, then it's the lady from S√łnderborg. Well, like many of my predictions, that's not exactly what came to pass. But at least I was right about one thing - before this show we hadn't seen the second chapter Helle at her peak. I would like to think we still haven't.


Editor's note: Some confusion surrounds the advertising of a pre-Rising Phoenix show with Helle on RxMuscle. FMS have been asked to notify its readers that the advertisement in question was not for a competition whose winner would be co-habiting with Helle Trevino, but rather a show that presented an interview with Helle that had not been previously recorded. Those who have sent "entries" to RxMuscle for this non-existent competition will not be receiving a response.

A silly mistake, but easily made.

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  1. Yup ... magnificent is the word for her! Her size and conditioning were incredible. She brings her A game for every contest she enters. Helle is a quality competitor!