Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Physique Dreams: FBBUK


Two British Physique women for your viewing pleasure today, one, an old, and (very) firm favourite; the other is a much less familiar name to FMS readers, but we think she is about to become the next big muscular female thing to emerge from these shores.

Both are currently deep in preparation for the forthcoming 2016 UKBFF British Championships, which are going to take place in Nottingham on 8th-9th October.


She has never been had much luck with the UKBFF judges in the past. Last year at the British Championships, for example, "things didn't go to plan at all" according to Corinne. She didn't even place. But this hasn't stopped her wowing female muscle fans the world over, and that very much includes you lovely readers here. You voted her into the Hot and Hard 100 for the first time at #40 in 2016, making her the 3rd most popular Brit on the list with only Rene Campbell and Lisa Cross higher.

And judging by what Corinne has been posting to her Instagram recently, once again you fans will be expecting great things for Corinne when she competes in Nottingham. Really happy with how things are moving, she says. And I'm not surprised.

She had a tough year last year, and I felt for her. From what I can glean from following her (some say "stalking", I still say "following") on her social media, she is one of the most knowledgeable competitors (BSc Sport Science, Masters in Sport Physiology under construction, and a PhD to come), constantly evaluating and fine-tuning every aspect of her training and preparation. She deserves a break from those judges!

If she doesn't place this year, I do fear bodybuilding may lose her. She is, after all, conspicuously more successful as a powerlifter (her current best a 500+kg raw total, weighing in at 72!!!) and I'm afraid she may decide to focus solely on that and we'd lose the treat that is seeing Corinne at her most "truly, disgusting peeled" ever again.

On the other hand, she does love the process perhaps a bit too much to give it up, and as far as her personal life is concerned, this year has been - by her own admission - full of good decisions and happiness. I sincerely hope that she gets a bit more of that when she lines up on stage at the British Championships. It's about time she did.


Charlene first came onto our radar at the end of last year courtesy of that old female muscle lovin' publication The Mail Online. Bodybuilding mum who became 'hooked' on pumping iron reveals how she transformed her physique with intense training sessions and eating just 1,200 calories a day, ran the less than punchy headline.

The story detailed 36-year-old Charlene's nine-month journey from gym to stage to winning the "Muscle Model" Pure Elite World Championships just over a year later. We were impressed, very impressed, and we always like to do our bit here to report the reports we come across in the mainstream UK media, but, you know, it was December, and that's a busy month on FMS. Charlene's story didn't make it onto the blog.

When we came across Charlene's new Fit Vids preview recently, even though the name was right, we couldn't believe this was the same woman. My how she's grown! Again.

Charlene had just won the UKBFF Midlands qualifier at the time Fit Vids came a-calling, and given the collection of trophies she's already got in her short career, you wouldn't bet against her picking up yet more silverware in Nottingham.

But what we really love about Charlene is that she simply cannot stop herself flexing. And checking herself out. Really. And the bigger and more conditioned she is, the worse (or, from our point of view, better) it gets. Hello shredz! she writes, explaining she was just casually passing the mirror on the way to the loo (and couldn't resist). What a great advert she is for the transformative power of lifting weights!

I do hope The Mail Online feature her again. The Mums of Britain do like a bit of The Mail you know. Then some of them might follow me and you over to Charlene's Instagram, where this gorgeous woman makes no secret of her passion for muscle.

Good luck to Charlene and Corinne.


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