Friday, 23 September 2016

The Return of Penpraghai Tiangngok

Her Facebook, not her. Her Instagram, not her either, and her Twitter... you get the idea. In her absence, rumours abound. Arrested in Thailand for possession of steroids; taking "a break" to undergo "massive" amounts of cosmetic surgery and/or a sex change; still out there but ripping schmugs off for non-existent pay-in-advance webcam dates and then blaming her ex-manager for hijacking all her accounts... And yet she still makes the Hot and Hard 100 list! The search for Penpraghai continues...
[FMS, Hot and Hard 100 2015]
Penpraghai in 2012 - those abs @NY Pro; those glutes @Titans Grand Prix

She was one of the first FMS Women of the Year, a webcam sensation before any of the female muscle pay sites had picked up on her earnings potential. That year, 2011, she competed at the Juliette Bergmann Classic in a category called "Bodyphysique" against one other woman Gisa ter Haar, who looked perfectly great until Penpraghai walked onto the stage. A pro card followed her win, and 2012 saw her in the US in the (then new) Physique division. She gained a sensational 3rd at the New York Pro, but then only managed 11th at the Titans Grand Prix later in the year. By then, she was on every female muscle pay site, her sculpted body - just as it was in her webcam shows - barely covered. She was, without question, a star, fans (by fair means or foul) desperate to get hold of her photosets and clips. FMS readers called her "the last word in beauty and power" and wondered "how could anyone not get turned on by her?" She was a "once in a lifetime" session experience, "not to be missed", her body "perfection". The world of female muscle had never seen anything quite like her...

And then, she disappeared completely.

As noted above, her absence did not make the hearts of many female muscle lovers grow less fond, not for the first couple of years anyway, despite the accusations and rumours. Then, back in the early spring of this year, the odd photo of her started to turn up. New photos. Selfies in the car, a couple of shots of her in the gym. Glad to see you're back! her followers told her. No response. Is this another fake account? we wondered. And then, in June, Penpraghai actually writes something on one of her posts - "13 weeks out". What's the competition? asked her followers.

Turns out it was the Arizona Pro. And she won.

Now I don't know anything about the truth of all those rumours, although I'm pretty sure that we can conclusively say now that Penpraghai didn't undergo a sex change operation. Perhaps she was arrested for possession of steroids; perhaps she did scam a few schmugs. It seems more likely to me that the scammer was someone pretending to be her, the same person who set up those fake accounts. Anyway, I'm just glad to see her back, and I'm betting those pay sites are too. Seems to me she's added a bit of size to her perfect frame. Those bigger muscles will look even better in next to nothing.

Congratulations Penpraghai!

I'm very happy you're back, and I hope you're back for good.

And finally, as promised on Wednesday, here is the order of placings for the WPD in Arizona in case you actually did play the I-could-be-an-IFBB-judge game...

1. Penpraghai; 2. Heather Grace; 3. Trish Warren; 4. Hailey McGrath (on her pro debut); 5. Margita Zamolova; 6. Patricia Mello; 7. B Barnett (which we knew); 8. Amy Bowen; 9. Billie Cavalier; 10. Christine Sabo; 11. Indrell Thomas; 12. Joanna Romano; 13. Esther Carnabuci (also on pro debut); 14. Keri Ann Heitzman; 15. Tracy Weller.

Other competitors "unplaced".

How did you do?

Two more RP2016 posts to come this weekend.

Until tomorrow, it's goodbye from me, and it's goodbye from Penpraghai.

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