Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Tube Watch

Our irregularly regular feature rounding up some of the best new(ish) clips of fine female muscle on You Tube returns for the first time since the end of May.


I've got such a crush on her.

Dan Ray must have been really really good in a previous life...

For Your Consideration

NPC News Online, specifically Ray and his probing camera, was backstage at the Jr. Nationals. The Physique ladies' edit is definitely worth a look, if only for the marvellous footage of the entire "C" class (Destinee Bruch, Paige Sandgren, Emily Reed, and Kristina Vanderwaal Shober) all doing press-ups in a semi-circle - fast forward to 3.40 if you can't wait. Glammed, tanned and pumping up Figure phenoms from the same show come in two parts - here and here, and you might also want to check out their NPC Universe backstage edits - Physique here, and Figure here and here.


"Instagram clips pasted together" is a very current and very popular formula for female muscle channels. I believe Bodybuilding Babes was one of the originators of the style, and though I'm rarely a fan of the choice of music, you have to doff your cap when over three and a half years and 32,000+ subscribers later, it is still going strong, pumping out an average of two clips per week every week. They either focus on a particular woman (eg. Strong Cosplay Girl Renee Enos) or come as compilations with names like Best of Strong Girls in Sleeves or Best of Girls with Abs Part 4. Here's a taste:

Based in India, Wild FBB is an altogether newer concern, promises "strong females, muscular females and daring females". These apparently include muscle women of all shapes and sizes, some very current, some a little off-radar these days. Currently Wild FBB is posting their edits at the dizzy rate of 30 or more per week! They're not all winners, but almost 8 minutes of Maria Rita Penteado is not to be sniffed at, and though considerably shorter, this Laura Pintado edit is just as unforgettable.

This though, is the jewel in their crown so far - The Queen around the time of her win in Toronto. "OMG" may be overused these days, but it's entirely appropriate here...


Another new(er) channel that brings both current Instagram swoons and treasures from the archive to the same place is the "admiring muscular ladies" channel Ripped and Vascular Beauties. In the former category, you could do worse than join them in admiring Figure phenom Michele Da Silva, while fans of the so-called "old school" will be more partial to, for example, 12+ minutes of WPW Charla Sedacca footage.

Personally, I don't think Ripped and Vascular Beauties hits the spot quite as often as Bodybuilding Babes or Wild FBB do, but when they do nail it, they really nail it.

I recently came across barenaked cam footage of the ripped and vascular Heidi Worrell-Osborne in one of the murkier parts of the internet, but quite honestly, I think I actually prefer this shameless display of rock hard vascular eroticism...

But even Heidi can't match 16+ minutes of Angelica.

Get comfy...


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