Thursday, 28 September 2017

Marthe Sundby: The Final Flex

Marthe wouldn't compete again for another three years after her trip to California.

She continued to work as a property developer at Colliers in Oslo, where she had started her professional career in 2007. I have a regular life, and feel completely normal, she said in 2015. I go to work in normal clothes, and act like everyone else. I have a normal job in a normal office where fortunately there is room to be yourself, whether you have hard muscles or a belly that hangs over the waist edge.

But on social media, the pictures that Marthe was posting when she was out of her work clothes (or even sometimes completely out of her clothes altogether) were alerting female muscle lovers to the fact that Marthe was actually really rather exceptional.

Or as one fan put it, she was "the most beautiful muscular woman in the world".

A dazzling muscle goddess.

The perfect woman.

I've been doing the muscle admiration thing for a LONG time, wrote another of her fans, and this is the most extraordinarily beautiful site I have ever laid eyes on.

Her bulging muscles and exploding veins ooze strength and sexuality.

Images like this ensure Marthe will be a legend.

Tomorrow - those legs.

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