Thursday, 7 September 2017

Michaela of the Day

She had emerged from winter [do they have winter in Florida? - ed.] like this, with the show she had chosen to make her pro debut the Europa Orlando. She was less than six weeks out and she looked ready already to my eyes. But not to Michaela's.

Less than six weeks to continue getting better, striving to bring up weak points, and continue to improve strengths, Michaela wrote in March last year. Details matter. It isn't 70% here, 30% there. It's 100% meticulous effort to every single aspect.

In a field of unusually determined and single-minded individuals, here was a young woman whose peers were impressed by the work she was doing and the obvious progress she was making. And the female muscle lovin' community, if they hadn't noticed her during her 2015 debut season, were certainly noticing her now.

She seemed to revel more and more in her own freakishness as the day of the contest approached, in particular showing off the apparent "weak points" she had been targeting - legs and conditioning. She looked like "the next Rita Bello" as one forum poster put it. I imagine (I hope) they weren't comparing size, but noting the simply breathtaking veins and striations apparent on her legs, glutes, and elsewhere.

I started following Michaela properly around the beginning of 2016, and my female muscle diary for April tells me she often took my breath away, literally making me gasp. Absolutely incredible to think she has only just tuned 21, I wrote at the time.

The way her lats bulge over the top of her vest makes me swoon as I dream of squeezing them hard, feeling the hard muscle. No give, like warm steel or rock or something. I was clearly slightly out of my mind for her then, and, understandably given what she was actually putting her body through at this stage, perhaps so was she - a bit. Her posts certainly become more and more mantra-like - "make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you"; "it's not a matter of how, you just do"- while her usual self-deprication and humour becomes less and less common.

Perhaps Rita Bello was a bad comparison after all. Doesn't this glute-skin pinching classic remind you of Britain's own freakiest female Corinne Ingman? I can't recall actually seeing Corinne pinch that inch, but I imagine it's the sort of thing she does do. Michaela's not shy about it though. Like I said, revelling in her freakishness.

You are going to look insane on stage, wrote one of Michaela's (female) IG fans. She was five days' out when she shared her startlingly vascular thighs. I'm not usually as dry-mouthed with anticipation for Physique shows as I am for those where there are Bodybuilders, but the 2016 Europa Orlando was definitely an exception to that rule.

Tomorrow, how Michaela actaully did look on stage, and much much more freakery!

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