Monday, 4 September 2017

Michaela of the Day

This freaky young Physique phenom has been on Swell's mind and Swell's screen as much as any other woman over the last year or so. High time we really went into detail about all the detail she has sculpted into her (still only) 22-year-old body.

We start with a countdown to her first show of this year, which was Tampa, August 4th.

Feb 15th

Michaela tells her IG followers she is Working every day towards the goal of just being better. The work is what I love and the product will be a result of that. In this post we'll watch and see as that "product" emerges from its off-season beginnings here.

Although first, perhaps we should go back a little further. Right back to Michaela before any of that work started. I think you will agree the change is quite startling.

Mar 17th, 2012

Compare Michaela then to Michaela just over five years later.

Apr 26th

She has certainly added a bit of meat to those bones! Close to the mirror than the February shot, it's easier to appreciate the thickness of her arms and quads, the muscles spreading outwards as they escape the confines of her clothing. We can't see her smile, but I'm sure it's there. Probably smiling at the fact that there is now so much muscle on her legs that it's far from easy to pinpoint exactly where her knees are.

May 22nd

A little bit of time away from the gym - or at least her home gym - with another rising star. I came to Orlando to help a girl whom I seen portray a lot of the same qualities I have within myself, says Michaela. A determined soul with a relentless pursuit. Words cannot describe the emotion a genuinely passionate individual feels when they reach something they've been striving for, and there is nothing that makes my heart more happy than to feel it with them. Can't stop looking at those arms. Or jawlines.

Double swoon!

Jun 2nd

"Vitamin IV therapy", apparently. Whatever it is, it's working. And giving Michaela a fair old pump on that arm that's being IV-ed! Size of her forearm!!! Under the T-shirt too - traps, delts, amazing. And the spread of her thighs - mightily impressive when you consider how wide that chair is and how little of it her thighs leave revealed.

Jun 14th

Things must be getting serious because Michaela has started rolling her sleeves up over her shoulders - possibly, my overactive female muscle lovin' imagination tells me, because if she didn't and flexed, she'd need to borrow a T-shirt to go home in. Just doing me and minding my own, she says. And doing her and minding her own apparently includes showing off the so-good-it's-ridiculous split bicep peak.

And that.

Jun 25th

Seriouser and seriouser. It must be, because now, no T-shirt required, she's showing even more off. Michaela claims this is about her "first lululemon bra", but she doesn't fool me. This picture is about other things as well, but it's mainly about LATS.

Jul 4th

How come you never reply to people like me who constantly praise and support you? asks one of her followers. Because you comment and DM some really weird stuff, replies Michaela. That's not a smile, it's a smug, self-satisfied smirk, and (please don't think me weird) I love it. Imagine the thud her arm made when she put it down.

So, a month to go before Tampa.

How did Michaela pass the time? Work, of course.

You will want the sound on, trust me.

August 2nd was the very last part of the clip. Training in Tampa, two days out.

More Michaela tomorrow and all week.

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