Tuesday, 11 August 2015

At the Beach with... Helle Larsen

We'll often be spending time on those beaches during the rest of August here on FMS. You know the ones, they're the ones where the muscle girls go. The ones that seem to be the closest thing to a beach paradise (or the closest thing I can imagine anyway). We know through the pictures that these beaches are out there somewhere.

And yet they never seem to be the beach where I am when I go to the beach.

Anyway, today we go to the beach in the company of Danish Bodyfitness turned Physique competitor Helle Larsen. Helle, like Britain's own Truly, Disgustingly Peeled Physique competitor Corinne Ingman is a woman who suffers from being "too" shredded come contest time. But if you want more of the super cuts, check out Helle's Instagram and Facebook and prepare to catch your jaw as it drops.

But wait! Before you do that, let's check out Helle on the beach together in a little series of candids that we're going to subtitle 'The Muscle Girl Can't Help It'.


I REALLY want to flex. But nobody's looking. Oh, wait, there you go, starting to get a bit of attention. OK, now I have an audience, let's go on with the show...


YES! Damn I feel so strong and powerful right now. Oh that feels good. Trust me that feels AMAZING. Every man on this beach must be so turned on right now. And every woman wishes they had this kind of power. So good. I'd be looking at me.


And now for the money shot. URRRRRGH! When I get bored of this I'm just going to strut up and down feeling all those eyes on me. I LOVE coming to the beach.


Look out for more beach-related female muscle soon.

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