Thursday, 20 August 2015

Clip of the Week


From my new favourite YouTube channel, the prolific and original Fran Muscle, our Clip of the Week is an edit that is short, sweet, and above all ridiculously sexy, a riot of biceps and muscle worship set to the White Stripes' Fell in Love with a Girl.

FMS fave Tarna Alderman features among the cascade of women in the breathless opening sequence, and there's even a brief but beautiful sight of Dani Reardon backstage, her perfect abs all oiled and tanned. Oana Hreapca dominates the middle section, big and beautiful, muscles popping, bulging, stretching her skin, Oana lovingly adoring herself as well as being muscle worshipped by her sister, Julieta Fit.

But beautifully put together as that all is, it's when the music stops - at around the 1.50 mark - that the clip ceases to be merely great and enters the realm of genius.

Get comfy, and enjoy...

More female muscle gold on Fran Muscle's channel.

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